Erotic provocateur, racially-influenced humanist, relentless champion for the oppressed, and facilitator for social change, Scottie Lowe is the brain child, creative genius and the blood, sweat, and tears behind AfroerotiK. Intended to be part academic, part educational, and part sensual, she, yes SHE gave birth to the website to provide people of African descent a place to escape the narrow-mined, stereotypical, limiting and oft-times degrading beliefs that abound about our sexuality. No, not all Black men are driven by lust by white flesh or to create babies and walk away. No, not all Black women are promiscuous welfare queens. And as hard as it may be to believe, no, not all gay Black men are feminine, down low, or HIV positive. Scottie is putting everything on the table to discuss, debate, and dismantle stereotypes in a healthy exchange of ideas. She hopes to provide a more holistic, informed, and enlightened discussion of Black sexuality and dreams of helping couples be more open, honest, and adventurous in their relationships.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How do you Define It?

I define love as the safety and comfort of knowing that someone cares about me and has my best interests at heart.  It is having someone’s back always and valuing that person’s time, spirit, talents, and potential.  How do you define it?  

I define love as sharing all of myself with someone and knowing that they still see value and worth in me and that choose to be with me. How do you define it?  

I define love as intimacy.  It’s having a secret language, a knowing look that I can communicate with my partner from across a crowded room.  How do you define it?  

I define love as hearing music in my lover’s breathing when my lover is asleep next to me.  How do you define it?  

I define love as subconsciously reaching out to hold hands when we’re taking a walk without even thinking about it.  How do you define it?  

I define love as respecting my partner enough not to do anything detrimental to the relationship because I value and honor my partner’s feelings MORE than I do a cheap thrill or instant gratification.  How do you define it?  

I define love as working hard at being a better person and a better partner because I know that we is always stronger than me.  How do you define it?  

I define love as compromise, cooperation, and teamwork.  It’s working together toward common goals and building a future together.  How do you define it?  

I define love as honesty.  It’s telling the truth knowing that lies and dishonesty destroy the trust upon which healthy relationships are built.  It’s not lies of omission, it’s not small, white lies, it’s not trickery and deceit, it’s not cheating.  How do you define it?  

I define love as putting aside my pride that makes me afraid of being vulnerable or emotionally open with my partner.  How do you define it?  

I define love as passion.  It’s wanting, desiring, craving to experience pleasure with my partner that I can’t experience with anyone else because I have given a piece of my heart to them and they know all my fantasies, my desires and secrets, and they are invested in pleasing me.  How do you define it?  

I define love as sharing all my fantasies and my most sexual self with a person and knowing that they will accept me and love me.  How do you define it?  

I define love as maturity.  It’s not choosing a partner just because they are attractive or they have money or because I don’t want to be alone.  How do you define it?  

I define love as evaluating the qualities of that person’s heart.  Is that person kind, caring, considerate, empathetic?  Do they have integrity, are their goals compatible with mine?  Do they fit me, meaning are the things they like consistent and not in opposition to my goals?  How do you define it?  

I define love as family.  It’s a desire to form a bond greater than blood. It’s a choice to know someone, and to have them know me inside and out.  How do you define it?  

I define love as a magical feeling that I get when I share time, space, and chemistry with someone who fills that empty space in my heart, who is the key to my lock.  How do you define it?  

I define love as a warm feeling, like a warm blanket on a cool night and it wraps around me and I breathe easier, I sigh a sigh of relief like I am home.  How do you define it? 

That’s what love is to ME.  What is love to you?  How do you define it? 

AfroerotiK Words of Wisdom for the Day

YOU CANNOT COMPARTMENTALIZE YOUR SEXUALITY.  You cannot live a double life.  You cannot pretend to be one thing and be driven by the complete opposite.  You cannot be driven by sex to fill the empty parts of your life and then deny your desires and fantasies when the arousal is gone.  You can not lie to yourself.  You must embrace the light and the dark within you and understand that our sexuality is a gift, not an act to merely experience a nut.  You have to know that whatever it is that gets you off is OK to feel or otherwise it will consume you like a cancer and you will never be free from you demons.  That is precisely why I am fanatical about speaking truth to power, embracing all sides of myself, being comfortable with the skin I'm in so that I don't go out and do something stupid that will endanger my life or wreck havoc on the lives of other's.  You don’t have to tell the world your sexual secrets but you at least have to be honest with yourself.  We don't have to be perfect in this life.  Life does require that we must be authentic and true to ourselves, however.  When you are ashamed of your sexuality, you cheat, lie, you do dangerous and unhealthy things and then you put on a face like you are perfect to the world.  I’m here to say that it will bite you in the ass in the long run.  This I promise.  I’m Scottie Lowe and I approve of this message.  

Friday, April 12, 2013


Maria took a deep breath and felt the weight of his hand on her shoulder.  She was electrified by his touch and the strength with which he seemed to know exactly what to do.  "Are you sure you want this because it might be a little more than you can handle?"  With that, Rick took Maria’s hand and put it on his growing erection.  Maria’s eyes widened, thinking of what it would be like to have it inside her and reflected momentarily if she would become a “slut for black cock” like she had seen so many white women profess themselves to be on the internet.   She responded by moving her hand to his belt and unbuckling it.  There was no turning back.  “Do me,” was all she could say.

Rick took Maria’s legs and spread them wide.  He took his hand and rubbed it against the crotch of her pants, feeling the heat emanating from her core.  Maria responded by rubbing herself against his hand like a stripper half her age would do.  She placed her hands on the bed and leaned back to give him better access.  She wished he would just rip her clothes off and take her like an animal.  She could sense that Rick was far from an animal, he was in control of the situation, overpowering her with his sophistication and natural ease. 

He carefully undid the buttons on her blouse as she watched in amazement.  He slid the sleeves of her shirt down her arms and tossed it on the floor.  Her breathing grew heavier.  Next, he undid her pants and discarded them with ease as well.  She was before him in her sensible bra and panties.  She was feeling like the grandmother that she was, nervous that she wasn’t attractive in her semi nude state. 

“Turn around,” Rick whispered.  She followed his orders without hesitation and he removed her bra.  He reached around her and began to fondle her breasts sensuously.  Maria was in a trance, looking at the contrast of skin color as he pulled at her nipples and played rather roughly with her tits.  She loved every second of the sensation, rubbing her ass on him to make sure he knew she was enjoying every second of his attention.  Her husband would never have made her feel like this.  Having sex with her husband wasn’t erotic, it was routine.  This was living on the edge.  Rick grabbed her by the hips and pulled her panties down to her thighs.  He pushed her body forward, so her upper body was lying on the bed.  He took his strong fingers and inserted them in her wet cunt.  Maria let out a loud moan.  She reached around and held the cheeks of her ass wide open, giving Rick the view and the access he needed to finger her sopping wet pussy. 

“You like that?” 

“Maria started spewing obscenities like the women in the porno’s would do.  “Finger that white pussy; get it ready for your black cock.  Make me cum like the slut I need to be.” 

Rick withdrew his fingers and Maria cried out like a wounded animal, panting, begging and screaming for him to finger fuck her some more.  “Relax,” the calmness that he had and the power he had over her made her that much more aroused, punctuating the sexual tension in the air.

Here she was, married, tipsy, naked in front of a black man, and bent over with her ass in the air like she needed to be fucked by whoever came along.  Maria knew she was being watched; her husband was somewhere, lurking, jerking.  She wanted him to see her in her predicament; she wanted him to jerk off looking at her being nasty for this young black man.  Her words were coming in incoherent babble.  Every sentence was punctuated with something to do with black cock and white pussy.  “Fuck my white twat.  Bang me.  Use this white cunt.  Ram it. Abuse it. Fuck me damn you.  Fuck me with your hard, black cock.  Magnificent black meat.  Fuck me like a stupid whore.  Fuck me, use me, I’m a nasty, white, filthy slut for you.”  Rick started spanking her lightly, well, not so lightly but not enough to leave marks.  Maria started chanting, “Yes, yes, yes, oh yes,” and fingering her own pussy, desperate to get to the fucking part.

Rick pulled Maria up by the hair and forced her to her knees.  She knelt submissively, looking up at him waiting for him to give her instructions.  He pulled his zipper down and reached in his pants to pull out his cock.  Maria’s mouth watered, anxious to taste it, she could smell the strong scent of unwashed cock and it made her dizzy.  Rick took his dick and rubbed it over her face, smearing precum on her lips.  Maria licked it like a kitten licking milk.  She grabbed his cock in her hands and stared in disbelief at the contrast.  The diamonds in her wedding ring shone in the dimly lit room and made her pussy gush even more knowing she was being so slutty.  She wrapped both of her hands around his cock and started stroking it.  Rick began fucking her hands like it was a pussy, thrusting back and forth, getting the tip even wetter with precum. 

Maria couldn’t wait anymore; she had to have that cock in her mouth.  She closed her eyes and went for it.  She could barely get her mouth around the head.  She had to use her mouth and hands together to get it wet and suck it and stroke it at the same time.  She was like a crazed woman, starved for black cock.  She licked and sucked and tried her best to deep throat it but there was no way she could.  Rick pushed her head down and made her lick his balls and she took to the task like a pro.  Sufficiently satisfied that she was hungry for cock, he grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth.  The way Maria was sucking it; one would have thought she needed black dick to live. 

She began fingering her pussy and pulling her nipples while she was sucking, licking and blowing the ebony meat in her mouth.  Rick grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the bed.  She braced herself for the fucking she was about to get.  He took aim with his hard cock and rammed it in her in one stroke.  Maria let out a blood-curdling scream.  He rammed all he could get inside her that is.  Maria cried out, in pleasure and in pain.  She turned her head so that she could Rick.  She made sure that he could see her face as she chanted, “fuck me” over and over again.  Rick pulled her tits and slapped her ass, no longer caring if he left evidence of the nasty fuck he was giving this white whore. 

“Make me a slut for black cock, Rick.  Make me never want my husband’s pathetic white cock again.”  Maria was surprised by the words coming out of her own mouth.  It was as if she was releasing some long held inhibitions and beliefs that she had never wanted to acknowledge before.  Rick was taking out his frustrations on her, reveling in his pure, raw, animalistic fuck, and even getting off on the fact that he was fucking a married white woman in front of her husband.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum,” he said. 

“Noooooooooo,” Maria called out, please not yet, there’s one more thing I need you to do.  Rick slowed his pace and tried to hold off his ejaculation.  Maria looked back and took her finger and placed it in her mouth.  She sucked it seductively and put it to her ass.  She pushed her finger in and winced.  “I only give this to my husband on very special occasions.  I want to give it to you tonight.  I want your black cum dripping out of my asshole so I can feel like I really belong to you.  I want to be your property, your bitch.  Fuck my white ass please.  Show no mercy.  Brutally assfuck me.”

Rick grabbed his dick and squeezed it tight to keep from being too aroused.  He knelt behind Maria and put his tongue to her puckered hole.  He tongue fucked her asshole and got it lubricated with his spit.  Maria was moaning, practically screaming about how good it felt, delirious with lust .  Rick took one finger and put it in her ass.  It felt like her asshole was going to cut off the circulation in his finger, there was no way he could fit his dick in there.  Maria went into sexual overdrive.  She was fucking his finger like crazy, begging for another finger, for black cock “back there, in her dirty hole.”

Rick spit on her asshole and stuck two fingers in her ass.  Maria was grunting and groaning like an animal.  “Do it, do it. It feels so fucking nasty, it feels so good.” 

Still wet from her pussy and the precum he was practically leaking on the floor, Rick took the head of his cock and took aim at her tiny pink asshole.  He let her control the penetration.  Maria was not to be denied.  She had her fingers in her pussy, fucking herself like mad and she was backing up on that cock until the head was firmly planted in her backside.  Her hair was wet with perspiration and she was breathing erratically.  She began a gentle motion of rocking back and forth, and working more and more of that magnificent black cock in her asshole. 

“You want this black dick, I’m going to give it to you.  I’m going to cum so deep in your ass, you’ll be shitting my cum for a week.  Is that what you want?” 

“Stop talking and just do it.  Yes, yes, that’s exactly what I want.  I need it.  I crave it.  I want to be your nasty ass whore.  I want to you dick me deep and hard in my dirty shithole.  Make it hurt.  Shove it in hard and deep.  Make me suck it.  Make me clean your cock of my nasty ass juices.  Fuck me damn you, fuck me in my god damn asshole.”  Maria was horny and crazed.

Rick grabbed her by the hips and started to fuck her.  He fucked her hard, without regard for her safety.  He pumped his long black cock in and out of her bowels relentlessly.  His balls were slapping her wet pussy and he was long stroking her.  Every time he would pull out to the head, Maria would cry and scream for him to put it back in deeper.  There were red marks on her skin where his hands were gripping her so tightly.  He glanced over at the bedroom door and saw her husband there, he had taken his cock out and was trying to discretely stroke the tiny thing without drawing too much attention to himself. 

Rick couldn’t hold back any more.  He felt the cum boil up from his nuts.  He fucked her long and hard, he fucked her deep.  Maria was cumming from getting fucked in her ass and the convulsions of her muscles were milking the cum out of Rick’s dick.  He screamed out as he felt the walls of her ass coated with his thick seed. 

Exhausted, he fell back against an armchair and tried to catch his breath.  Maria felt more alive than she had in years.  While Rick made efforts to get dressed and leave, Maria called out to her husband, who emerged from the shadows in shame.  Bent over with her ass in the air, she spread her asscheeks widely, exposing her raw, swollen, abused, pussy asshole and said, “Here faggot, eat the cum from a real man from my well fucked shithole.”

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He Holds the Key to my Arousal in his Hands

Is it possible to be in love with a man for his hands?  Well, I’m not in love with him FOR his hands, he’s an amazing man without question but I’m definitely in love with his hands.  I can’t explain it.  His hands actually turn me on.  The shape of his hands, the length of his fingers, even the way he holds his fork drives me to distraction.  I think I love his hands more than I love his dick.  Okay, let me not go off the deep end, it ain’t that extreme, but his hands give me a special thrill that I just can’t explain. 

I love watching him masturbate.  It’s like sensory overload.  Seeing him stroke the length of his dick, his fingers gripping it tightly, seeing the cum flowing over his fingers thrills me in a way that words can’t describe.  I can suck his fingers or his dick and both arouse me beyond belief.  One Sunday morning he brought me breakfast in bed.  He thought he was being cute by dipping his finger in the honey and putting it in my tea.  I grabbed his finger and started licking and sucking every bit of that honey.  We had to go to IKEA and buy a new headboard that afternoon because things got so heated after that.  

Who knew that hands could be a sex organ?  The first time we kissed, he held my face gently in his hands and I felt my heart skip a beat.  When I’m riding him, and his hands grip my hips, for a brief second, all my attention is focused on the feel of his hands on my flesh.  We walk in the park and he’ll reach out to hold my hand . . . and I feel safe, protected, and secure in the connection. 

His hands represent strength to me; the centuries of labor our ancestors endured building this nation that hates us so.  His hands represent tenderness to me; his gentle nature is reflected in the movement of his artistic hands.  I’m mesmerized when he wears his ring; it reminds me of a sunset over a beautiful horizon. 

His hands pleasure me in ways that defy definition.  When my body is warm and relaxed after a bath, he’ll anoint my body with oils and massage me to sleep.  Well, his intention is to massage me to sleep but feeling his hands slide sensually up and down my body, caressing my sore spots and stimulating my hot ones . . . who can sleep? 

We went out for drinks the other night, enjoying a few Afrotini’s and a little jazz.  He pulled my chair close and whispered in my ear that he wanted me to spread my legs.  My heart started pounding out of my chest.  I felt the heat of his hands on my thigh as he moved up my leg, sliding my panties to the side.  There, in the middle of a very public place, he took his finger and started rubbing my clit, causing me to signal for the waiter to bring the check and get the hell outta there. He had other plans.  I grabbed the edge of the table and held on tightly as his fingers penetrated me, making me bite my lower lip to keep silent.  Tease that he was, he stopped, leaving me desperate to cum.  He ordered dessert and would wipe his sexy mouth with his cloth napkin, which was really nothing more than his discrete way of smelling my pussy juices on his fingers, inhaling my fragrance.  Of all the things that I love about this man, it’s his hands that hold the key to my arousal.  I know he was made for me, I for him, because even his hands fit me.