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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#MuslimVisasMatter . . . more than Black Lives Apparently

First off, let me be 100% clear.  I know, it’s not up for question or debate, that Trump’s “Muslim ban” is racist, Islamaphobic, xenophobic, fascist, and illegal.  PERIOD!  It is nothing more than his thinly-veiled attempt to make America lily-white again, just like his custom-made, 100% cotton, picked by American slaves, 400 thread count, percale, lightly starched Klan robes.  Non-Christian Trump is, first and foremost, aligned with the sole goal of removing, oppressing, and even exterminating if he can, ALL people of color within these borders to restore it to the great racist, evil bastion it once was. 

I want America to be more tolerant, I want America to be more diplomatic, I would love for my America to be the true melting pot that it was supposedly created to be.  I will forever embrace diversity.  I will fight, resist, and protest any and every effort by this deranged lunatic in chief to make AmeriKKKa more racist again.  When the time comes, I will register as Muslim as an act of conscientious dissent against tyranny and the efforts to go back in time to segregation, Jim Crow, slavery, and the mass genocide of “others” that this country is so damn proud of. 

All that being said, I do find it a bit odd that moderate/progressive/liberal white Americans are more horrified by the thought of Muslims being banned from the country than they are the thought of white cops murdering Black people in cold blood.   For two years, we’ve seen the videotaped evidence of innocent Black men, women, and CHILDREN slaughtered in the streets like animals time and time again and the most moderate/liberal whites could muster up was some luke-warm enthusiasm.   While a few picked up signs and donned BLM t-shirts, more often than not, they deflected, defended, and denied that there could be the slightest possibility that systemic racism was at the core of the hundreds of police killings of African American citizens who were born in this country.   

But I’ll be damned if white people haven’t found their raison d’etre now.  They are shutting down airports and highways, they are boycotting companies, they are united in their #NoBan #NoWall fight.  I just have to ask where was all this empathy and compassion and activism for Black Lives?  I want all those white people who are ready to register as Muslim in defiance of Grand Wizard Trump to register as Black for a day.   I want all those white people to see our lives as worthy to fight for too. 

I’m not at all angry at white people for their enthusiastic defense of the principles that made this country the land of the free.  Their indignation is righteous for sure.  I just wish it extended to the Black citizens who lived here as well.  I just wish they didn’t feel so inclined to dismiss the plight of their Black American brothers and sisters so easily.  

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

It’s hard to believe that it’s now been 20 years since I used to watch The Lion King every day with my two and a half year old cousin.  We watched The Lion King like she was studying it for her Master’s thesis.  We would watch The Lion King three or four times a day.  “Watch it again, Miss Avity!  Avity!  Watch it again!”  We sang the songs together, we did the dances; suffice it to say that I was extremely knowledgeable about that movie.  Every time we watched it, every single solitary time, she would ask me some existential, philosophical, metaphysical question that a 2 year old should not have even been able to ask.  She asked questions that I couldn’t answer and that would have me stumped as to how to respond.  I would struggle to explain to this beautiful, inquisitive little girl about the concepts of life, death, and morality and how it all wove together in a movie about a damn lion.

Here I am today, two decades later, and I’m still very much struggling with the concepts of life and death and morality as it pertains to Simba’s cousin, Cecil.  (You didn’t see him in the movie?  He didn’t have a speaking role so it was easy to miss him. He was the one that had black on his mane.)    Anyway, Cecil the Lion was a “famous” lion who was hunted and killed as a part of a blood-sport safari package.  His killer, Walter Palmer, is a dentist from Minnesota who paid $50,000 for the thrill of killing Cecil.   I must, out of necessity, put the word famous in quotes because Cecil wasn’t really famous.  It wasn’t like he was a Barnum & Bailey star performer that millions of people had grown up loving; he wasn’t the lion that ate Siegfried.  Or was that Roy?  Anyway, he didn’t have his own reality show; he wasn’t on a t-shirt.  He wasn’t the latest toy craze he; didn’t have a stuffed animal fashioned after him that parents had to get their children because they were having meltdowns in Toyz R’ Us.  Cecil wasn’t even on social media.  He didn’t have a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page; there were no memes with Cecil’s image that had gone viral.  The nation is mourning a lion that . . . 99.9% of the people in this country had never heard of before his death, in a country that 95% of the people can’t find on a map if you paid them.  But, oh, poor Cecil.  Oh the horror, oh the tragedy.  Posthumously, Cecil has become the nation’s golden child.  Their outrage and fury have reached a fevered pitch over the death of poor Cecil that is unparalleled. 

Walter Palmer is a wanted man.  Everyone is out for his blood.  Every conceivable form of social media has got him in their crosshairs.  He’s had to shut down his dentistry, he’s in fear for his life; there is even talk of extraditing him back to Zimbabwe to have him prosecuted.  Celebrities are speaking out, people are crying.  Walter Palmer is the most hated man in America. 

I will tell you this, and of this I am 100% positive, if Walter Palmer had killed a Black man in cold-blooded murder, all caught on video, right here in these United States of America, he would be a national hero right now.  He would have a GoFundMe account where people would donate millions of dollars to him.  He would be the bastard love child of Fox News and the NRA.  White people would be OUTRAGED if there was talk of prosecuting him.  People would find ways to excuse his actions as long as his victim was a Black man.  People would be chanting his name, only this time, it would be to hoist him on their collective shoulders and cheer him on as not only innocent, but justified in his actions. 

White America cheers when a Black person is murdered in cold blood.  They celebrate it.  Every day in a national holiday when a Black person is killed in this country because it’s always their fault.   They shouldn’t have been so uppity.  They shouldn’t have been so menacing.  They shouldn’t have resisted.  They shouldn’t have been walking in a neighborhood they didn’t belong.  They shouldn’t have been playing in the park or buying a toy in Wal-mart.  Clearly, he shouldn’t have been running away or working on his own car in his own driveway.  She shouldn’t have been sleeping on the sofa or asking for help for her broken car.  They shouldn’t have been driving without a license or had a broken tail light because those are crimes punishable and justifiable by death.  They shouldn’t have been arrested 20 years ago.  In essence, they shouldn’t have been a NIGGER. 

The murderers of Eric Garner didn't get indicted. The coroner ruled his death a homicide and no one was held accountable for his death. The police department turned their backs on the Mayor for asking for further accountability after the incident. People posted pictures of themselves wearing t-shirts saying, "I Can Breathe," they posted videos of themselves being choked like it was funny. LEGIONS of white people posted online, justifying the murder of Eric Garner for resisting arrest, saying he shouldn't have been selling cigarettes, saying he was fat and it was his fault. Yeah, but poor Cecil the Lion though.

Walter Palmer’s life is in ruin.  He was forced to issue a lie, I mean an apology saying that he didn’t realize that he had killed a protected animal and how very sorry he was.  Conversely, Darren Wilson said he would kill Mike Brown again if he had to do it all over.  He wasn't even the tiniest bit apologetic.  He retired from the Ferguson Police Department amidst rumors that he had in excess of a million dollars donated to his defense fund.  A fund, incidentally, that he never had to use because he was never even indicted.  His flimsy story, contradicted by every eye-witness, even by the autopsy report, was never questioned by John W. Public.  (I’ll give you two guesses what the W stands for.)  The public swallowed it hook, lie, and sinker.  White people went so far as to photoshop pictures of Darren Wilson making him look bloody and bruised when in actuality, all he had was a case of rosacea.  White America said that Mike Brown DESERVED to die because he stole some cigars.  No, this isn’t 1815 when Black men were killed for minor offenses all the time, when whites would kill niggers for any tiny infraction.  I want you to listen very closely to what white people are trying to say.  White people are boldly proclaiming, loud and clear, that they want to go back to the good old days when they could murder Blacks for offending their lily-white sensibilities.   Being Black in America is a crime.  Being poor in America is a crime.  Being under-educated and unemployed in this country is a crime punishable by death. 

George Zimmerman has shown the world time and time again that he’s volatile and unstable, that he’s actually a thug.  But the overwhelming number of white people believe that he was justified in killing Trayvon Martin because he was in fear for his life, intimidated by the big, Black man who clearly was not where he was supposed to be.  Lions are predators.  They are one of the most vicious animals on the planet.  They kill for food, they kill for territory, they kill for control.  Where are the tweets about how Cecil deserved to die, how he was a threat, where is the defense of Walter Palmer for killing a threat to society? 

Black lives don’t matter.  Racism is not in the past, don’t let it go.  Racism is alive, well, racism is flourishing and thriving with the help of Fox News, the anonymity of the internet, and the unabated ego of white people.  The evidence is there, as plain as day, that white people loathe Black people, they value animal life more than Black human lives.  Kid yourself if you want, delude yourself into believing that the presence of a Black President or interracial relationships symbolize the end of racism, that the playing field is level in some way but I promise you that there are white people in relationships with Black partners and people who voted for Obama who have justified and excused the murder of Black lives in this country because the victims weren’t educated enough, weren’t assimilated enough, weren’t “white” enough.  And I can promise you, that some of the loudest and most virulent and repulsive racist voices, those espousing the most heinous and prejudiced beliefs are the very same people OBSESSED with Black sexuality in secret. 

I went to an exhibition on lynching once.  It showed pictures of white people gathered around corpses of burning, dismembered Black bodies, smiling and happy like it was a day at the fair.  White people used to send out invitations to lynchings, they sent out postcards with pictures of Black people hanged like charcoal piƱatas.  White people would put the severed genitalia of Black men on display in jars of the people they murdered.   If that isn’t the height of racism, if that isn’t the epitome of arrogance, I really don’t know what is.  Racism is deeply-ingrained in American culture and nothing has changed.   We are still hated, vilified, and stalked like prey, like wild game on a safari.  Am I supposed to believe that the same people who dress up like Trayvon Martin for Halloween and who troll Black websites to call Black people niggers are not the same people who would take selfies of themselves in front of the mutilated bodies of Black people today?   

I would like to conclude by saying that hunting for sport is nothing less than barbaric and should be outlawed in every corner of the planet.  Anyone who finds pleasure, entertainment, or enjoyment from killing is a sociopath and needs to be kept away from society for the collective safety of the entire animal kingdom, human beings included.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from this event, one existential question about life, death, and morality that I can now answer with certainty and authority, is that Black lives don’t mean a god damn thing in this country other than expendable entertainment for the racist, white masses. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Q: What is it about society that disappoints you so much?

A:  I am repulsed by the group-think that infects the masses that is clearly immature, quite obviously emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and mentally retarded, which perpetuates racism, sexism, heterosexism, patriotism, capitalism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, and stupidity as the norm, as the standard that we should be striving towards.  I’m tired of the media “reporting” that our society is sexually conservative and moral when the evidence is there, for all the world to see, that our society is replete with sexual deviants and perverts who boldly post their videos of bizarre sexual proclivities online, who post ads on craigslist seeking depravity and filth and yet we are told that the only sex that Americans engage in is married and boring and for procreation only. 

I’m sickened by the concept that sex with someone of the same gender is considered a sin when there are millions upon millions of people who are sexually aroused by taking the innocence of children, there are networks of pedophiles who make fortunes from the exploitation of children, and the government knows and they turn a blind eye.  I don’t want to live in a society where the entire financial system is run by white men who are corrupt, criminal, and megalomaniacal, who think they can digitally move funds around to make themselves richer while systematically denying people of color the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness because their greed supersedes the needs of the masses.  Those same white men, the same ones who go online and rant how AmeriKKKa is being ruined by niggers, are the same ones, sucking Black dicks in glory holes and paying Black men to fuck their silicone enhanced trophy wives because they hate themselves, they hate their whiteness, and they think that sex with Blacks makes them some sort of animal. 

What about this society disappoints me so much?  The fact that the most beneficial, medicinal plant on the planet is illegal and stigmatized and the Black and brown men who sell dime bags, or a few pounds are imprisoned for life when white men are making fortunes for selling the legalized, medically acceptable form of the exact same plant.  I despise that big pharma is making billions, not millions but billions of dollars selling drugs that cost them pennies to make that have side effects that are keeping people sick and dying.  I hate that insurance companies would rather make a profit than provide life-saving treatments to human beings.  Life is expendable.  Moreover, poor life, Black life, is disposable. 

The stench of racism permeates every single facet of society.  Racist white men dictate, control, and silence the voices of the oppressed, their lies, and their delusions are taught as truth in schools.  Movies convince us that white men are heroes and they always save the day when the police are slaughtering Black people for sport and entertainment and the only people who care are the ones who look like me.  White terrorists are “poor, tortured souls,” and innocent Black victims are demonized and made out to be criminals for wearing the wrong skin color. 

Any thinking, sane person would be disgusted at a society where the Kardashians not only have a show, but where they are celebrities for no other reason than their attractiveness and one-dimensionality and superficiality.  I find it offensive that every single song on urban radio is barely literate and perpetuates stupidity.  It hurts me to my heart that Beyonce, with her blond weave and her endless efforts to appear as white as she can possibly be, is touted as the epitome of Black beauty.  I hate that every single thing she wears, from her 7 inch stilettos that cost the same amount as rent for a 2-bedroom apartment with a master bath, to her see-through, skimpy, tight outfits meant to arouse men is seen as the spokesperson for feminism, conforming to every sexist, misogynist stereotype that exists.  I hate that young Black girls see her as a role model and think her poorly-written songs are anthems for empowerment.  Reality shows that don’t show anything close to reality, are nothing more than scripted melodramas with fighting, lying, cheating, and irresponsibility are enough to drive any sane person off their rocker. 

Any society that claims to be morally right that champions the right to life of a few cells in a woman’s uterus but then systematically denies living breathing CHILDREN free lunches, daycare, and a quality education that will allow them to move from poverty to self-sustainability is an evil nation.  Women only have value if they are attractive, if they are sexy and hot.  Black people, rather than boldly proclaiming that we are beautiful and strong, rather than trying to liberate ourselves from the brainwashing of our slave masters instead try to emulate and imitate them, denouncing our own beautiful, natural hair for their stringy, limp, flat tresses.  We actually believe that diamonds, the bling we think gives us more value, are more valuable than other stones white people steal from the earth at the cost of African lives.  We believe that the more we have their blood mixed in with ours, the more attractive we are.   Black people embrace anything ghetto as inherent to our blackness.  We don’t know any healthy alternatives so we proclaim that our unhealthy, dysfunctional behaviors are justifiable.  Everything is backwards.  What’s to love about a society like that? 

There isn’t much about this society that doesn’t disappoint me.   People thinking 140 characters and a hashtag is a viable form of communication.  Six second videos played over and over that become subliminal brainwashing of stupidity.  Real intimacy and communion with another human being?  There’s an app for that.   “Watch this video and you’ll be amazed at 1:23 seconds.”  Every article, every news article from people who are supposed to be journalists is nothing more a list of 35 reasons you are doing something wrong.  We need some escapism from reality.  Life is so stressful.  Let’s go see Fast and Furious 32 because we need a reprieve from the stress of microwaving our genetically modified food and playing endless hours of violent video games. 

The hypocrisy and willful ignorance of this society breaks my heart.