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Sunday, November 27, 2016



Because of my role as a writer of erotica, a great portion of it being interracial content, I’ve spoken for more than a decade about the astronomical numbers of whites who crave sexual submission to Blacks.  The numbers are astounding considering it is such a “secret” in the mainstream media.  Millions upon millions of whites are desperate for sexual domination from Blacks.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s so pervasive, so widespread, so prevalent and yet it continues to be America’s dirty little secret in plain sight for anyone who wants to see.  It’s not just one sort of white person, it’s every sort of white person.  Male and female, rich and poor, white collar, blue collar, young, old, and all driven by their core beliefs that Blacks are somehow sexual savages and that sex with us is especially degrading and nasty.  Some suggest that they have come to the understanding that Blacks are truly superior but their motivations are driven by their sexuality, they have done NO work to rid themselves of their racist beliefs.  These are the same people who voted for Trump; these are the same people who spend inordinate amounts of time trying to convince Blacks that they know more about racism than we do, these are the same people who post videos online of their trysts in seedy motels with their faces obscured for everyone to see and who revel in being Jacks and Queens of Spades, as if that is some sort of compliment.   (insert vomiting face emoji) 

And now it seems there is a new trend.  In the last few years, a growing number of Blacks are sexually aroused by being called nigger and being sexually degraded by whites.  They are turned on by being degraded, humiliated, ridiculed, and objectified while being called racist names by actual racist white people. 

I’m on a quest to find out the reasons why, the psychological origins of this growing trend among Blacks who find sexual arousal in being called nigger/coon/jungle bunny etc., and being sexually degraded by whites; Blacks who are sexually turned on by replicating master/slave scenarios.  I’ve witnessed the trend grow over the last couple of years and I’m just the sort of person who wants to understand the origins of growing trends.   My very first exposure to it was Ghetto Gaggers, where I ASSUMED the women were doing it just to get paid and they didn’t realize how detrimental it was as social commentary, I assumed they didn’t grasp that they were essentially telling white men that it was okay to abuse us because they were disenfranchised and merely looking for a way to get some money.  Perhaps I was wrong about their motivations.  Maybe they sought out this treatment because it resonated with them.  Then I started to notice that Black men were seeking out white women to degrade them for not having a foot of dick and not being the thug/Mandingo archetype that society tells Black men is all they are capable of being.  Then, about two years ago, I started to see multiple pages on Tumblr and other adult social media with sistas writing racial epithets on themselves and being used by white men.  Now, I see groups, websites, and every form of media touting this sort of behavior as empowering. 

Let me state first and foremost that I find the trend alarming, unhealthy, and dysfunctional.  Apparently, a great many people take serious offense to me suggesting that any sort of behavior, especially any sort of sexual behavior is unhealthy.  It seems that anything sexual, as long as it is agreed to by the participants, is to be considered empowering and perfectly fine, even if that means degrading and objectifying yourself.  (I wish I could find the white bitch who started this absurd concept and punch her in the throat; she has done more damage to Black Millennials with that dumb ass bullshit concept than any sheet wearing Klansman).  I get it.  No one wants to think that their behaviors are dysfunctional so we’ve created a social environment where EVERYTHING is healthy.  Unfortunately, as a student of psychology, I can assure you that isn’t true. 

OK, rewind to a few days ago when I posed a question to find out WHY Black people are embracing this trend with such, what I consider to be, alarming numbers.  I prefaced my question to Black submissives by saying that I was interested in finding out what motivated them without judgement but I guess that’s not true.  I don’t think the trend is healthy so my judgment is inherent and inexorable.  I do not think they are bad people, but I do not think that their behaviors are unhealthy.  People don’t hear that.  They only hear, “You’re a bad person,” rather than the real issue is that we ALL have unhealthy behaviors, let’s work to find out where they come from and heal them so that we can evolve and grow.  No, this society wants us to remain stagnant and unhealthy and we have support systems to tell people that anything they like it hunky dorey, even if it erodes their sense of self. 

This trend of Blacks being sexually submissive to whites is across the board among social status: poor middle class, and rich.  For the more affluent, there are actual slave plantations where Blacks go to in order to be sold on auction blocks and get treated like they were real slaves with all of the racial/sexual humiliation and degradation associated therewith.  For those Black folk who can’t afford such luxuries, they are left to take to the internet or Tinder or however one meets partners these days to find willing whites who will slap, choke, spit on, beat, degrade, humiliate and call them racial epithets while having sex.   

I had a fascinating conversation with a woman yesterday about this topic that is haunting me today.  The young lady who responded to my question was NOT a Millennial but rather an X’er, very close in age to myself.  She said that she had a “friend” who was in a relationship with a white man and that she engaged in race play with him occasionally.  It seems her friend found a sweet surrender in being degraded by her white lover and she found it to be empowering and a “release.”  When I probed further, asking about what sort of release and comfort she experienced, I was lead to understand that her friend found solace in being able to be “other.”  She didn’t want to be a strong Black woman all the time.  She didn’t want to be who she was during the day.  I can’t imagine who she thinks she is pretending to be during the day that seems so burdensome that she wants to be the nigger-fuck-toy of a white man but apparently it is quite an awesome burden for her to bear.  The young lady with whom I communicated was quite confident in asserting that her friend was perfectly normal because she and her white lover were in a relationship and didn’t engage in this sort of activity all the time and that the only people who were really dysfunctional were the Blacks who sought out racial degradation in non-sexual contexts.  Her friend, she assured me, was only doing it to momentarily become, “other.”  My question then became, “What’s the other that she is referring to?”  That is the quintessential question.  Let’s examine it further. 

I do not hide the fact that I have and may possibly continue to dominate white men exclusively.  I’m not at all sure what my role as a Domme will be going forward as I’ve found that I’m emotionally and mentally drained by the insanity of white men and I do not want to be infected with their lunacy.   I most certainly want to decrease my exposure to them, especially in the context where they see me as an object of their sexual desire.   I dominate white men because they have a tremendous amount of unearned privilege in this society, they are beneficiaries of the fallacy of white supremacy in a racist society that is built upon their adulation for being Caucasian.  For centuries, white people have lied, cheated, stolen, manipulated, used, abused, and murdered all with the belief that they are the superior race so that all they do is justified by God.  They even created God in their image: a white male in the sky, a white male on the cross, a white male who saves the day. 

As I told the young lady, whites are born into a world where they are told that God is white, Jesus is white, Superman is white, Santa is white, everyone who is supposedly good is white.  That belief, from the day they are born, creates a very FALSE sense of superiority, regardless if they swear up and down that they weren’t raised racist.  To be white and to be born in the last half millennia is to be born inherently racist.  Not genetically racist but socialized to believe that everything good comes from someone that looks like them.  The truth is, however, that whites are not superior.  In fact, one can argue that they are inherently inferior because of their innate and pathological need to control, destroy, manipulate and own every god damn thing under the sun and to hell with morality, humanity, ecology or anything else that gets in their way. 

But, I digress.  My function as a Psychological Domme is to divest white men of their fallacious sense of superiority.  As a psychological Domme, I do not engage with white men sexually, even though I use their sexual arousal as a tool to rewire them.  Even those who come to me thinking erroneously that their sexual submission indicates that they realize that they are inferior to Blacks, I school them.  I re-educate them.  I show them the truth and I rip from them their arrogant beliefs.  I present them with an ugly and realistic picture of themselves.  I make sure that after they have left me, they know that they are not superior and that they can’t live their vanilla lives with the arrogance of thinking that they are better than Blacks when they are with their friends and then sucking a Black dick through a glory hole or drinking some Black piss and that is supposed to mean that they are not racist.  I make them face a cold, harsh, reality that they are inherently deviant, immature, perverted, deceptive, and infinitely inferior.  I make them address their true “other.”

So now, it begs the question of what these Blacks are feeling when they are being called nigger by whites.  There is no fallacious sense of superiority in Blacks, we’ve been born, bred, and raised in a society that has told us from the first second we take a breath that we are inferior.  Our ancestors bled and died at the base of horrendous, horrific, sadistic treatment from whites who fallaciously believed that they were superior to our gorgeous brown bodies, our resilient spirits, to our indefatigable will to survive.  So, what “other” is it that Blacks feel that they are getting such empowerment from in subscribing to the very fallacious belief that we are inherently niggers?   What is this “other” that they feel is healed or released or soothed by being degraded by whites?  Blacks are degraded in the media.  We are degraded by society.  Black people are minimized, reduced, stereotyped, objectified and diminished day in and day out, every god damn day, without reprieve.  What’s the fucking “other” they are seeking to embrace? 

The young lady with whom I spoke suggested that her friend was normal because she didn’t engage in race play all the time.  Silly me, here I go thinking that if your white lover calls you a “dumb nigger fucking coon bitch” while his dick is hard on Saturday night, there is no way to pretend that you are in a healthy relationship when you are raking up the leaves in the backyard together on Sunday afternoon.  Those are not just some words he’s using in a sexual context and then all of a sudden he doesn’t believe them after he nuts.  Spoiler alert!  If your white lover calls you a nigger bitch, cunt, whore, spook, and/or porch monkey, he doesn’t love or respect you.  He doesn’t respect your race, your ancestors, your history, or your culture.  He believes you are inferior.  He is racist at his core and his drives, motivations, and beliefs are antithetical to the TRUE growth, survival, and empowerment of the African American community.  There is nothing healthy about that.  But God bless our little hearts.  If we can say, “It’s not that deep,” or we can dismiss the entire conversation by saying, “most people don’t put that much thought into it,” that’s the exact panacea we need to keep our heads in the sand and go on about our lives without being introspective about the source of our issues. 

I completely get how the Blacks who have grown up in all white communities, maybe even by white, racist grandparents, foster parents, or adopted parents, who were surrounded by all white racist teachers and classmates, who didn’t have any positive images of Blackness, end up being submissive to whites.  They have been isolated their entire lives, they are constantly bombarded with images of whiteness as being supreme.  I get it!  I absolutely don’t get how Blacks who have been exposed to Blackness all their lives, who’ve grown up in Black households and neighborhoods, who might not have been exposed to positive images of Blacks but at the very least they have Black grandma’s who love them, they have sat around and heard conversations of Black elders talking about some form of racism and injustice and inequality, end up wanting to be slaves to whites.  I truly grasp that parents don’t teach their children about Black history any more but there is a survival mechanism we learn just from being Black that sets us apart and we know that racism is real from a very young age.  We learn it through osmosis.  How then do these Black people find sexual arousal in being made into niggers for white’s sexual arousal?  Help me understand!

I suspect that some Blacks are the victims of childhood sexual molestation from whites who called them names and degraded them when they were pre-pubescent.  Pedophilia is RAMPANT among whites, again leading back to this sense of entitlement and superiority, they can do anything, they can do nothing wrong, that they are deserving of a greater and greater sexual thrill and anything and everything becomes their object of lust. It makes sense that if a Black child’s very first sexual exposure was initiated by a racist white person who sought to take advantage of them that their brains would be hard-wired to seek out whites to degrade them as adults.  I’m having a hard time grasping . . . I do not understand how Blacks who see racism in society, who speak up against it, who are discouraged by it, who are consumed with the rage in fighting to make our lives significant to the majority, then turn off the lights and find comfort being degraded by the very people whom they know benefit from the racist systems that dictate that Black Lives Don’t Mean Mother Fucking Shit.  Is that the source of the majority of these individuals who have this fetish?  What other factors are contributing to it?

It’s not a question I’m going to let go of any time soon.  I want to know the how’s and the why’s (I know that isn’t the correct punctuation but hows and whys just looks too wrong).  I want to work to heal this mindset.  I want EVERY person of African descent to understand, embrace, and be proud of our identity as the strongest people on the planet.  No one else could have survived the conditions we have survived.  No one else carries within them a legacy so great.  I want us to respect and love ourselves, so much so that we violently reject being degraded and called niggers by whites for love or acceptance or sexual arousal. 

For the record, healthy sexuality would be where you do not feel the need to be degraded, objectified, humiliated, demeaned, used, or abused.  Oh shit, I’ve just called out 50% of the BDSM community as unhealthy and I’m perfectly fine with that.  Just because it’s popular, just because it’s the norm does not mean it’s psychologically or emotionally healthy.  We are de-evolving as a society.  We have so many pseudo-intellectuals talking about self-care and safe spaces, the first safe space we should have is in our own skin where we love, value, accept, and respect ourselves, so much so that we know that our sexuality doesn’t have to be tied to being degraded or humiliated.  Only in a truly fractured, unhealthy society is that a radical, offensive concept.  It almost goes without saying that if one feels the need to degrade, objectify, demean, use, abuse, and otherwise humiliate one’s partner, that is a sign of low self-esteem.  So there, that makes up the other 50% of the BDSM community and identifies them as equally as unhealthy.  (I’m being facetious in my percentages.  I don’t know how many submissives there are compared to dominants but the point is that the origins of all of the behaviors are unhealthy, my own included. I am not exempt.) 

For the record, a healthy sense of self is one in which you are comfortable with your sexuality and you don’t feel like you have to be “dirty” or bad or a slut behind closed doors but one in which you are integrated and content with your sexual desires as an adult.  Healthy sexuality is one in which Black men don’t feel like they aren’t valuable if they don’t have a stallion dick but they understand that Blackness and manhood are about being given less and doing more.  If you feel like you can’t tell your friends about your desires, you can’t let your co-workers know what you’re really into, if you spend your life lying, hiding, diminishing, and publicly denying the things that arouse you in private, you are unhealthy.  

There is a healthy standard of sexuality.  It’s not being shown, taught, or comprehended but I can assure you that women are NOT meant to be used by men. There is NOTHING inherent to women, not genetically or biologically, that dictates that we are predisposed to being slapped, choked, gagged, called names, or otherwise degraded.  We have a right to be seduced, romanced, pleasured, valued, cherished and adored and not in the context of using men or dominating them but as sex as a form of communication.  Sex should be about mutual pleasure and ecstasy.  When I say that, people hear, “Sex has to be boring and vanilla,” because they have NO concept, they are completely ignorant of how sex can be great, vigorous, passionate, hot, and sweaty without it having to be about domination and/or degradation. That’s sad.   But that’s not what porn shows us, is it?  Porn shows us white/sexist/oppressive men’s perception of sex that women are things, holes to be used for their pleasure and women accept and co-sign for it and they are offended, outraged, and disgusted with me for suggesting that that is unhealthy or abnormal. 

If you have a fetish or fantasy that is extreme, or outside the norm, like I do, even if millions upon millions of people share the same fantasy, it does not mean you are healthy.  As hard as I work to divest white men of their fallacious sense of superiority, I work ten times as hard divesting myself of the beliefs that have been inflicted upon me and that make my fantasies come from a place of dysfunction.  The trend for Blacks seeking to be degraded by whites is not going to go anywhere, it’s going to grow and metastasize like a cancer.  I accept that.  But you can rest assured that I’m going to do my level best to heal the source of it.  It’s more important to me than divesting white men of their fallacious sense of superiority.  I will divest people of African descent of their fallacious sense of inferiority.    

Scottie Lowe Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Fate of Our Race

Sometimes I wallow in my own existential angst so much until I get so frustrated I feel like there is no hope for the future.  I am in the very unique position of being born in the very first year of Gen X’ers.  I was not raised by a Baby Boomer, the generation before me, however; well, at least not the most formative years of my life.  The most formative years of my life, from 0-4, I was raised by Depression Era grandparents who instilled in me values and beliefs that reflected the slave mentality/oppressive/austere practices with which they were raised. Certainly, while I was raised by a Baby Boomer from 4-17, my love, allegiance, and sensibilities have always been more aligned with my grandparents than my biological parents. The differences between myself and the people raised by Baby Boomers are as clear as night and day. I don’t think like, act like, I don’t believe the things that my peers do, nor do I value the same things that they do. I am also in the very unique position of never having a child so I’ve never had anyone to impart my knowledge and mistakes upon. 

It seems that across the board and almost unwavering consistently, that Baby Boomers, those individuals who born between 1946-1966, raised their children with far less standards, guidelines, and restrictions . . . which might not necessarily have been a bad thing given that the alternative was to raise your children in the abusive, restrictive, and stagnating environment of the 50s, but the results have certainly not been positive.  My peers, the X’ers born 1966-86, are the Me generation, self-centered and emotionally immature, but they’ve given birth to the ME, ME, ME, ME, ME generation, the Millennials born ’86-’06, and I’m terrified of what’s going to become of the Gen Z’s, 2006-‘26.  Baby Boomers and X’ers wanted to raise their children with a life of privilege, a life free of stress and pain.  What they’ve created is a generation of spoiled, self-centered individuals who are incapable of helping to break the chains that have kept us in mental bondage since our collective consciousness was created in this land. 

The studies of traits of Millennials are discouraging, to say the least.  Millennials are pathologically narcissistic, sociopaths, fame-obsessed, tech dependent, under-educated while achieving the highest level of education, and they feel entitled to recognition and reward without having done anything to deserve it.  And while the studies are not encouraging about the state of Millennials, I can guarantee you that African American Millennials were not included in their studies and that the negative traits of Black Millennials are exacerbated and magnified tenfold due to our exposure to continual, institutionalized, and rampant racism.  Ethics, structure, civic-mindedness, altruism, benevolence, responsibility, logic, reasoning, introspection, accountability, integrity, contextual history, literacy, art appreciation, home-economics . . . those are things AND MORE parents stopped teaching their children in the 60’s.  Parents stopped raising children in the 60s and they let the TV and the schools raise them.  It created a self-centered generation that has created an even more pathologically self-centered generation in Millennials.  What, dear lord, is going to become of future generations if we have two generations that have no concept of what the concept of delayed gratification means, or earning your accomplishments rather than just getting them because you’ve reached a milestone?  How are our relationships ever to survive if we have two generations who have no clue what it means to compromise, to apologize, to build a life based on selflessness and shared goals when all they’ve seen are ghetto depictions of relationships, and all they know is focusing on what makes ME feel better?  You can’t teach what you don’t know so how are parents going forward going to teach their children?  And what is to become of us as a race of people if we don’t teach our children the things that will allow us to survive or even excel in this world? 

I might be wrong.  I don’t want to assume my perspective is correct simply because I see things from a much more complex lens than my peers.   Is it “wrong” for your child to get a car just because the Earth has circled the sun 16 times since their birth?  Maybe, it’s a good thing for parents to teach their children that they don’t have to DO anything to be worthy, that they are inherently worthy just for being alive.  I can’t co-sign with that concept entirely because if I were a parent, I would make damn sure that before my child got a car, any kind of car, whether I paid for it or I made them pay for it, that they would be able to fix dinner, clean the house, take out the trash, volunteer in the community, and understand that they had to pay for car insurance, gas, and maintenance as their responsibility.  Of course I would help if they needed it, that’s what parents are supposed to do, but I would not let them just get a car because all their friends have cars.  There is valor in understanding that there are consequences for your actions.  If you aren’t taught that, it’s not a lesson you are going to learn, even if you have to deal with the negative consequences of your actions.  To someone who has never been taught that lesson, they will never see a correlation between their unhealthy behavior and the detrimental outcome of their own actions. 

If I had children, they would start preparing for adulthood YEARS in advance, setting part of their allowance/income aside for the items they will need when they become truly independent and get their first place.  I could never raise child who has never read a book or been to a museum, or who can’t recite the words of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech.  But, I’m not a parent.  I wouldn’t let my child listen to barely literate, monotonous, mono-syllabic, degrading, unintelligent rap/pop music.  I couldn’t.  It’s like giving them an engraved invitation to be hypnotized and indoctrinated by stupidity.  If I were a parent, I would make good and god damn sure my child had a TALENT that they could rely upon.  I would make sure they understood that they need to nurture and develop their creativity, intellect, and understanding of the world before I sent them out as an adult.  They would know how to clean a house, top to bottom, they would know how to articulate their feelings in a mature, healthy discussion without being passive aggressive or co-dependent or hurtful.  But, again, I’m not a parent.  Parents today don’t teach their children any such things. 

My grandparents were as traditionally conservative and blindly conforming to unhealthy practices as any Black people could be who came of age in the 40s.  They taught me, however, to examine things from many different perspectives, to RESEARCH, to investigate, to not just assume that what I know is the “only” truth.  That allowed me to grow up and study world religions, to truly think about how African Americans came to practice Christianity, to learn about other religions and belief systems and to ascertain that Christianity is not a religion but a tool to control the masses.  I’ve studied every major world religion.  I’ve studied Ancient Egyptian beliefs and myths.  I’ve studied New Age, Metaphysical, Mystical, Occult teachings as well as physics and science.  I’m versed and learned in a great many ways that allows me to intelligently discuss, examine, and dissect exactly why I know for a fact that the Bible is written by men who wanted to manipulate and control people with fear.  My grandparents would be HORRIFIED to know that I’m not blindly Christian, like a slave on the plantation afraid that the Big Bad Sky Daddy was going to punish me to eternal damnation, but it’s because they instilled in me a thirst for knowledge, a desire to learn more than just what I’m told, that I have been able to learn and see and understand truths that would otherwise keep me ignorant.  For Black X’ers and Millennials to say, “I’m Christian because my grandparents were and that’s good enough for me,” when they literally have every bit of information in the world available to them at their fingertips, is to say, “I don’t want to be smart or informed.  I don’t want look at history, I don’t want to understand our past, I don’t want to question anything that was beaten into us on the plantation and I’m perfectly fine with that.” 

My grandmother taught me how to sew, how to play piano, how to do every craft known to womankind.  So what, you say!  Those things aren’t important today, right?  Well, the parts of the brain that they stimulated, the skills I learned from continual practice and repetition, from creating things from nothing are skills that people don’t have today and that’s important.   My grandfather taught me about the political process, about government, about activism.  He would sit with me for hours and we would talk about math problems and how to solve them.  It taught me that reasoning, logic, it taught me that I can’t just take things the media tells me at gospel.   Parents stopped teaching their children those things in the 60s.  Materialism, money, celebrity, and shallowness replaced character building skills.  I saw in my grandparents the skills of cooperation, support, love, commitment and partnership.  I see in my peers, selfishness and immaturity, an unwillingness to examine one’s own behaviors for fear of being seen as being inferior or flawed.    They nurtured and believed in one another.  Millennials think relationships are built on tearing down and degrading one another.  How can we evolve as a race if we are stagnating in unhealthy behaviors? 

For as many horrible, damaging, detrimental things my mother did to me when she raised me, she did some things that I am eternally grateful for.    Joan made it her mission to expose me to as much Black culture as she could.  Every Black play, dance company, concert, museum, theater project, anything to do with Black history, we were there.  I NEVER went to school on Martin Luther King’s birthday, even before it was a holiday.  When I was growing up, I HATED that I had to clean the entire house, to do very adult chores, every single solitary Saturday, before I could go outside and play.  She taught home economics for a living so I learned the proper way to set a table, the way to make hospital corners on a bed, the correct way to do laundry, she taught me how to budget for a household and pay essentials first and luxuries for the month get crossed off the list if you don’t have enough income.  People today don’t know that there is a proper way to set the table because they eat out of Styrofoam boxes and no one has ever taught them that there is a right and wrong way to do certain things.  Part of that is slave mentality, I get that.  I get that it’s not the most important thing in the world to know the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork or that there’s a difference between a white wine and a red wine glass.  But it’s also important to note that I’m not a slob. I know how to clean a bathroom, dust, vacuum and keep a house presentable.  I don’t have to be cajoled to load or empty the dishwasher and I’m not so immature that I refuse to put a bag in the trash can because I think I’m too good to do it.  I’m also not caught up on instant gratification which is a trait of an immature person.  I’m aware that genres of music exist beyond what’s played on the radio and I read more Black history books before I was 15 than the average 15 other Black people combined have read in their entire lives.  We’ve lost that.  X’ers and Millennials have never read a book in their entire lives.  Well, other than Zane and 50 Shades of Gray which were so poorly written, so laughably and horribly illiterate that it’s frightening.   Millennials don’t read more than 140 characters so I guess the fact that they have read at least one book is . . . who am I kidding, it’s pathetic. 

I’m afraid for our future.  I’m afraid because we (Baby Boomers on down) have not taught our children to be activists.  But, you say, Black Lives Matter is being championed by Millennials, it’s their energy that has given voice to the concerns of a generation being slaughtered unjustly.  But look deeper at the movement, something that most X’ers and beyond can’t and don’t know how to do.   BLM is a movement without an objective.   Are they fighting for legislation?  Are they trying to get a bill passed that will address police brutality and the institutionalized racism that has rendered us target practice for white police who see us as animals?  That’s how change is created.  Nope, BLM activists are Twitter bullies telling anyone who doesn’t agree with them to have two seats.   BLM is predicated on the fact that “being respectable” is a bad thing, as if carrying oneself with dignity and character, being articulate, educated, and informed are bad things. They can’t even comprehend that being ghetto is not inherent to being Black.  They think that being inarticulate, dysfunctional, and disenfranchised is the definition of Blackness, they are fighting for our worst behaviors to be seen as normalized.  BLM is based on the premise that those who came before us, those who shed their blood and died, who sacrificed and suffered didn’t do a damn thing, that they were sellouts, that all that is important in a historical context are the self-centered needs of people to be even more self-centered without any repercussions.  So, while most Black people think that BLM is a great achievement, that it’s momentous and life-altering, it’s only because they have no clue or context of what it means to truly create social change.  A #hashtag does not beget equality or social change. 

If you ask any parent, they will swear that they are the best parent, that they’ve never done anything wrong, that they teach and guide and shape their children and the things I’m writing about apply to everyone else but them.  Again, you can’t teach what you don’t know so if you’ve never been taught to be introspective, you have no clue that you aren’t teaching it to your children.  If you’ve never be thought to use logic and reason, if you’ve never been held accountable for your wrongdoings, you can’t pass that knowledge down to your children.  And trust and believe that the school systems are making sure that Black students don’t know the educational basics.  They are being tested and after the test, they forget everything that they learned and they are ill-prepared to face the future with any sort of intellect whatsoever.  Learning involves more than taking a test.  So what exactly are children learning today?  And what will they teach their children?

I have dreams and plans, real ones, laid out, developed, intricate plans on creating a paradigmatic shift in consciousness for African Americans.  I’ve been working on them for more than 15 years.  I’ve conceived of and outlined very specific ideas that will attempt to lift us out of our quagmire of dysfunction and slave mentality.  I’m not for a second suggesting that I’m completely healed from my own issues, in fact, it is a sign of my emotional maturity to unequivocally state that I know for a fact that none of us, myself included, no one who has his or her ancestry steeped in the horrors of slavery is immune to the disease of slave mentality.  Not one Black person is immune from the plague of the fallacy of white supremacy.  I’m at least aware of my own shortcomings.  That’s something most Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, and Millennials are incapable of doing.   I hope like hell I can work through my own issues enough to be able to exact some significant change in my lifetime.  I hope that the children of the today, the Z’s or whatever they are going to be called, might have a brighter future if I can at least start to chip away at the unhealthy mindsets that debilitate us today.