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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Role of the Modern Day Black Psychologist

Truth is not a constant. Only a few white psychologists publicly accept the idea advance by Dr. Jenson that Black people, according to his research findings, are at birth genetically inferior to whites in intellectual potential. That sentiment, while obviously driven by racist, supremacist aggrandizement, and proven fallacious time and time again by Black intelligencia, might be the basis for investigation if examined from a purely Afrocentric perspective. If the genetics of Africans in America have been altered by the atrocities of slavery to render us more susceptible to physical maladies such as high blood pressure and diabetes, is it not fair to suggest that the genetics of things intangible, such as our emotional, psychological, and spiritual health have been altered thusly also? That is not to say that Black people are inferior, not even to suggest that. There needs to be a study of the genetic modifications of slavery to assess what that process did to our ancestors and how those behaviors are being perpetuated.

To not have a branch of African centered psychology directed towards dismantling white supremacy is irresponsible. Not only does it ignore the pathologies that could potentially create another Maafa, but it also leaves those individuals in a perpetual state of dysfunction and disharmony within the universe. The focus should not be a reactionary stance but one of assistance and guidance. The Afrocentric psychologist must stand up and teach the Eurocentric one. We must let go of the position that any interaction with the oppressor means that we are taking an inferior position. We must do what the ancient Kemetians failed to do: open up the world of spirit to the Europeans. To say that they are not capable of learning based upon some genetic precursor is to be guilty of their thinking that brands Black people inferior. Of course, helping them will not be a priority. The first thing African psychologists must do is heal the collective consciousness of African people throughout the world. Those that have been subjected to the tyrannical reign of Europeans. If African people are truly the original mothers and fathers of psychology, we must behave as such. The Afrocentric view that says that white people are independent entities that never have to be dealt with is still assuming a position of inferiority. African people must assume a position of superiority, not to oppress but to enlighten.