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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

T. R. E. A. M. – Tubman Rules Everything Around Me

Once again, I am coming down on the opposite side of the misguided youth and their stance on Harriet Tubman being the first woman on the $20 bill.  The momentum has grown to the point of a viral epidemic in the last two days to not have Harriet Tubman as the first woman on US currency, furthering the evidence that the masses form their opinions based on the popularity of posts on social media, not logic, not reason, not information. 

Their arguments, all well-intentioned but based on ego more than anything, seem to be based on the theory that she wouldn’t have liked it because she wouldn’t have supported capitalism, that she would have objected to being in the same company of the men who would have enslaved her as 3/5ths human.  First and foremost, you cannot make assumptions about what you THINK she may have wanted based on your limited knowledge of her.   IF she were alive today, her perspectives would have evolved with the times.  It’s absurd for anyone today to make a supposition as to what she would have wanted because it’s impossible to apply today’s standards to an antebellumrevolutionary consciousness.  While she may very well have been the single most forward-thinking African American alive during her time, she never knew the freedoms we take for granted hourly.  It smacks of incredible arrogance to assert you can speak for someone whom you only know because of a 15 minute Black history lesson in the 7th grade.   Harriet Tubman was a trailblazer.  She was a pioneer.  I THINK she would want to be the first Black woman who is acknowledged for her heroism and sacrifice.  It’s not about my opinion of what she would want however, it’s about her being acknowledge for her invaluable contribution to American history. 

Secondly, AmeriKKKa NEEDS to acknowledge Black female brilliance.  This is an opportunity like no other for the world to see, learn about, and be exposed to the protagonist that was Harriet Tubman.   This is an opportunity for white people to choke on their bitter bile of racism daily.  This is one small step for Black womankind.  At every single solitary turn Black women’s accomplishments are downgraded and diminished.  Here is an incredible opportunity for Black children to learn about slavery, to learn about what it means to literally put your life on the line when you are fighting for Black lives.  This is an opportunity for a Black woman to be celebrated for more than her ability to make her behind jiggle.  One can only suppose that the masses wouldn’t mind if Beyonce was on the $20 bill but will there ever come a day when Black women are celebrated for more than their propensity to conform to sexist, misogynist representations of femininity?  If we are ever to be seen as more than thugs and niggers and ghetto queens, we must let white Americans know that we deserve to be everywhere: The White House, the boardroom, and on their precious dollar dollar bill ya’ll.    

Third and most importantly, there is absolutely no downside to Harriet Tubman being on the $20 bill.  There is not one negative outcome for her being the first woman to be represented on American money.   It will not undermine our efforts to make Black Lives Matter.  It will not set us back in our efforts for justice.  It will not do anything detrimental or negative.  It won’t make money more inaccessible to Black people.  It won’t allow police to kill us with impunity.  There is no down side.  The only results are positive ones.  THAT, my dear misguided youth, is the measure of a movement.  Harriet Tubman was an icon, she was one of the greatest leaders of recent history.  Her ability to free herself from the chains of mental slavery during the time of the most brutal chattel slavery in known history is more than most   Black people can claim of themselves today.  She should be acknowledged, celebrated, and recognized at every turn. 

Copyright 2015 Scottie Lowe