Erotic provocateur, racially-influenced humanist, relentless champion for the oppressed, and facilitator for social change, Scottie Lowe is the brain child, creative genius and the blood, sweat, and tears behind AfroerotiK. Intended to be part academic, part educational, and part sensual, she, yes SHE gave birth to the website to provide people of African descent a place to escape the narrow-mined, stereotypical, limiting and oft-times degrading beliefs that abound about our sexuality. No, not all Black men are driven by lust by white flesh or to create babies and walk away. No, not all Black women are promiscuous welfare queens. And as hard as it may be to believe, no, not all gay Black men are feminine, down low, or HIV positive. Scottie is putting everything on the table to discuss, debate, and dismantle stereotypes in a healthy exchange of ideas. She hopes to provide a more holistic, informed, and enlightened discussion of Black sexuality and dreams of helping couples be more open, honest, and adventurous in their relationships.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

I am Black

What do you see when you see me?  Do you see responsibility and dignity encoded in my DNA?  Do you see generations of survival and struggle in my skin?  Open your eyes, your mind, your heart and see that I am Black.  I’m a black man with the burdens, trials, and tribulations that come along with that honor.  Don’t look at my color to see my blackness, that the sun has graced me with its kisses.  See my blackness and my manhood as intricately intertwined and divinely gifted, see my blackness as my nature and my demeanor, not the way society has narrowly defined me.  

The realization of my true place as a black man did not come until I let go of my insecurities and fears, my false beliefs that kept me separated from my other half.  My soul was incomplete without the presence of you, my queen.  You waited patiently for me to grow and mature, you waited for me to wear the crown that had my name inscribed on it so that we could reign together.  Now that I have found you, I will not forsake your love.  My thoughts are filled with ways I can bring a smile to your lips, those sweet and seductive lips that make my knees weak and my palms sweaty when you gently touch my cheek . . . my brow.  I am filled with the need to give you pleasure like you’ve never known before, to bring you satisfaction until you pass out from sensory overload.  Laying your head on my chest, finding that spot that belongs only to you fills me with a profound joy like I’ve never known before.  With my arms wrapped tightly around your exquisite brown curves, I know my challenge is to show you my emotional wounds and let you heal them with your compassion and your love.  I’m humbled by the ways I’ve grown with you and my newfound ability to see you as a complete human being, not just an object for me to acquire.  You are the reason for my being and I’m made whole in your arms.  

Copyright 2006 Scottie Lowe  All rights reserved. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Deep Inside My Neo Soul

Sometimes, the best erotic expression is short and sweet and to the point, like your favorite song on the radio that moves you and is over almost as soon as it begins.  The words and the music all come together and wrap themselves like a memorable lover wraps themselves around your mind, arousing you and satisfying you in a multitude of ways.  It’s the steady pounding of the Afro-Cuban rhythm that is genetically encoded in our DNA.  It’s the sexy salsa song that gets the blood pumping in your veins.  It’s that jazzy, funky, R&B that Black people all over the world can relate to.  That soulful rhythm that soothes and moves you to a place where you can say, “I’m happy to be nappy, I'm black and I'm proud, that I have been chosen to wear the conscious cloud, And I'm fine under Cloud 9.” 

And you sho do feel like you are on Cloud 9 when your lover is touching you in your hot spot, caressing it, manipulating it to get you so turned on you can’t see straight.  You ever notice how your favorite song can take you back and you can remember the exact place and time you and your lover were the first time you made love?  You can recall exactly what they smelled like, what their kisses felt like.  You were so nervous when you first met, afraid to even let them know you liked them, let alone that you wanted to go out.  But somehow, you got up the nerve.  You rehearsed exactly what you were going to say before you picked up the phone and said, “Let’s take a long walk, around the park,  find a spot for us to spark conversation, verbal elation, stimulation Share our situations, temptation, education, relaxation, elevation, or maybe we can talk about Surah 31:18”

It was all about spending time together and getting to know each other.  It was all about that thrill you got when the phone rang and you saw their name on your caller ID and your heart would skip a beat.  Isn’t that the best feeling?  If I could bottle it up and sell it I would be a millionaire.  It seems like you have that feeling in abundance when you are a kid and you are infatuated with a new person every week.  As we get older, that feeling doesn’t happen as much so we try to hold on to that sensation whenever we feel it.  Our thoughts get clouded and all we can think about is that person and what they are doing and when the next time you can see them and if they are thinking about you in the same way.  You get all nervous that they don’t feel the same way about you until you get that voicemail that you play over and over again.  You know the one that says, “I’m not trying to pressure you, just can’t stop thinking bout you, you don’t even really have to be my girlfriend.  I just want to know your name and maybe sometime we could hook up, hang out, and just chill.”

Those were the days.  You hear that song and you say, “Oohhh shit, that was my jam.”  You wonder how someone else could have put into words exactly what you were thinking and feeling so well.  You know good and god damn well that you would stand in front of the bathroom mirror and sing into your toothbrush and fantasize that you were singing to that special person in your life.  You could envision everything in your mind, the candles, the Cool Whip, actually it was Ready Whip cause you needed the nozzle to aim and fire. Maxwell was in the background telling you, “It happened the moment, when you were revealed 'Cause you were a dream that you should not have been A fantasy real. You gave me this beating baby, this rhythm inside, and you made me feel good and feel nice and feel loved, give me paradise.”

Oh damn, now that was some hot shit.  That first night you made love was the stuff they write erotic stories about.  The anticipation, the tension, the foreplay, all of it had your juices flowing and your body tingling.  Tender skin and erect nipples, soft moans of pleasure serenading your ears.  It’s all about making love and feeling that body crushed against you, sweating, grinding, driving you to the edge of ecstasy and beyond.  It’s the moment of penetration for the first time when you are overwhelmed by the sensation and you feel like you can’t catch your breath.  It’s that wet, hard, sticky, hot Black love when you look in your lover’s eyes and say, “All you gotta do is say yes, Don't deny what you feel let me undress you baby, Open up your mind and just rest, I'm about to let you know you make me so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so”

You make me so so hot for your special kind of love.  That fast and furious kind of fucking in public when I don’t give a damn if people see us, all I know is that if I don’t cum soon I will explode.  It’s that special kind of love when we start fucking on a Friday evening and don’t stop until Saturday afternoon when we have to open the door for the take out delivery guy because we are both too exhausted to move.  We aren’t too exhausted to take a shower together though, soaping up our bodies and getting hot and wet.  Then after the shower you oil up my body with the Kemi Oil and my body responds to your touch and I’m desperate to have you inside me again, in my mouth, in my pussy, even in my ass.  By Saturday night, your neighbors are pounding on the walls trying to get some sleep because our passion is loud and primal with no apologies.  They can hear me calling out your name.  But it’s all good because, “There's nowhere to hide when the love is callin' your name, yeah From the dark, babe, nowhere to hide, baby There's nowhere to hide, so let love have it's way with your heart When love calls, love calls, love calls your name.”

Copyright 2005

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Inisde Me

Would you spend $1.00 to let your lover know how much you want them?

You know what it's like. You are making love, the temperature is rising, you are overwhelmed with feelings of pleasure but it's not just because the down stroke is just right, it's all because you are giving your heart, your soul, all your love to your partner. That's what Inside Me is all about. It's telling the erotic story of the love that gets deep down in your pores, makes you light headed and dizzy it's so profound. This song is about the connection, the intimacy you feel when the chemistry, connection, and compatibility you feel with your lover all converge in a moment of bliss, of ecstasy divine. This isn't about a one night stand or a hook-up or even about casual sex. It's about that moment, that second in time when you are joined with your lover, your bodies are working together in unison and your breathing, your heartbeats become ONE.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Love Who I am When You Are Inside Me

I close my eyes and I feel your lips touch mine and I’m lifted, transported to a time and space where I become the embodiment of all that is feminine and womanly.  That primal instinct, that genetic, biological, evolutionary stuff that makes me a woman, that makes me think and move and navigate the world like a true womb-man is activated and I feel . . . I FEEL alive and whole.  Your hand reaches out to caress my flesh and my body comes alive.  You tell me your dirty little secrets, I reveal mine, and I know that we are intimately bonded.  All of the nerve endings that make my nipples hard, longing for your mouth to suckle and nurse them, that make my pussy start to tingle and throb, getting wet and slippery with arousal awaiting your gentle manipulation, are electrified and I feel aglow with warmth that only your touch can ignite. 

Feelings of joy, peace, tranquility, and love flood my very soul when our bodies are intertwined.  Our legs become a tangled mass and our heartbeats begin to sync up; my inhalation and your exhalation become a sensual metronome counting our fevered passion until we become one.  Your hands roam my body and I feel your hardness, your wetness against my brown thigh, evidence of your desire for me.  You need to be inside me, to feel my cunt envelope and embrace you, to let down your guard and feel safe, nurtured and loved.  It’s because when you are inside me, those DNA strands that make you feel inherently like a man, those instinctual drives that propel you to unload your hot cum deep inside me, filling me, completing me, make you feel like a provider and protector, like you are truly home. 

I love who I am when you are inside me.  I love feeling desired, pleasured, and needed.  I love when I feel your sweat raining down on me, knowing that pussy, MY pussy is driving you mad with bliss.  When we are fucking, the sheets damp with our fluids, the neighbors’ blaring music becomes a soundtrack to our lovemaking to drown out the sounds of my very vocal encouragement.  Hearing you grunt, working hard to make me cum and feel my juices explode all over you fills me with a sense of intimacy and security only shared by tu y yo.  I am your woman, your lover, your divine right partner and nothing and no one can disturb our peace.

Scottie Lowe copyright 2011 All rights reserved

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Admiration of Lovers

Click HERE to listen

There was that moment of recognition, that split second when I first laid eyes on you that I knew you were the one.  Every fiber of my being, every cell in my body recognized you as my other half.  I was enveloped with a peace that passeth understanding and love so deep, so profound that I knew my reality had been shifted forever.  Never more could I be satisfied with the mundane and the average.

You moved slowly and deliberately, arousing me with your mere presence.  Your hugs would cause my knees to weaken and the gentle touch of your fingertips to the nape of my neck would elicit intense sensations of pleasure.  Your seduction of me was complete, stimulating my mind with your knowledge, my soul with your insight and my body with your slow and calculated caresses.  Your kisses, oh your sweet kisses, such ecstasy and intoxication I’ve never known.
I close my eyes to receive your kiss and I float freely in a realm of bliss.  Your soft tongue licks and your tender lips envelope mine and I respond in kind, letting my mouth express my passion and desire.  Your hands explore my body with such tender and intentional strokes.  I feel my temperature rise and my body begin to ache for you to complete me.  Lover, come unto me, join with me so that we might fulfill our destinies and become one.

Come lover; lie all night between my legs.  Lay your weary head on me and let me provide shelter for you from the stresses of the day.  I will be your refuge and your respite.  Come lover; lay your weight upon me.  Feel out bodies crushed together; see our limbs intertwined, a beautiful embrace where you have no ending and I no beginning.  We are the alpha and the omega made manifest as one.  We are yin and yang, created perfectly to give one another balance and completion.  Oh dear lover, fill your hands with the fullness of my hips, grip them as tightly as you would a security blanket in the dead of night when you are awakened from your peaceful slumber by a nightmare.  I will protect you; I will shelter you always with my love.  I know that ours is a love created in the stars and birthed in grace.  Come lover; let my legs surround you, pulling you closer as we prepare to journey to a holy union of body, mind and soul.  Let me feed you with my words of support and encouragement; let me bathe you with my kisses softly on your skin.  Let us possess each other so that your breath becomes my life force, my heartbeat becomes your rhythmic pulse, our vibrations rise together until we become one.

Deep inside me is the place where you belong.  I will be your shelter from the storm, the comfort you need when you are weary.  Allow me to envelope you, embrace you within my sacred space.  Penetrate me and join with me as we become one.  I have found you, you whom my soul has loved from the beginning of time.  I will hold you deep inside me and I will not let you go.  I will invite you into the space that will soothe you and protect you.  This space will be the beacon in the night and I will bathe you with sweet surrender.  Inside me is where you and I cease to exist and we are transformed into a complete entity in and of itself.  No one else shall enter this space from now on; it belongs to you and you alone.  You have the key to my heart and my body.  You are the key that fits me perfectly and you have unlocked my desire.  I crave you inside me.  Home, where you know you are loved.  Home, where you are safe from harm.  The room where you plant your seed will be all you need to wash away your doubts and fears.  Climb the stairs and lay your burdens down as I welcome you home.

A love that God has ordained cannot be destroyed or separated. Love is the ultimate truth and universal love cannot be broken.  You’ve come home to me, to us, because our energy is far greater together than apart.  You will not find another that will hold you through the night and anticipate your needs like I will.  No one else will fuel your passions and satisfy them so completely.  It’s not vanity that makes me speak these words.  It’s the recognition that we are the sum of two parts that together make a whole.  United we are stronger, together we can accomplish any task.  You are my King and I live to serve you, to exalt you as divinely capable, strong, and wise.  I know that I reign supremely as your queen; not your servant or your maid but as your partner and your equal.  We have put aside those notions of subservience and domination and we have defined anew how we will command authority as a couple.

I love you.  I love you from the depths of my soul and I place that love upon a pedestal to be honored and cherished.  I love those deep expressive eyes that undress me from across the room.  I love your stubborn demeanor that yields to reason.  I love all of you, flaws and imperfections, strengths and talents too.  You promised me a lifetime ago that one day we would join together to become one, to fulfill our destinies and you’ve fulfilled your promise.  This love is greater than I’ve ever known.  This love is stronger than my mind could conceive and it fills me with a peace that transcends time and space.