Erotic provocateur, racially-influenced humanist, relentless champion for the oppressed, and facilitator for social change, Scottie Lowe is the brain child, creative genius and the blood, sweat, and tears behind AfroerotiK. Intended to be part academic, part educational, and part sensual, she, yes SHE gave birth to the website to provide people of African descent a place to escape the narrow-mined, stereotypical, limiting and oft-times degrading beliefs that abound about our sexuality. No, not all Black men are driven by lust by white flesh or to create babies and walk away. No, not all Black women are promiscuous welfare queens. And as hard as it may be to believe, no, not all gay Black men are feminine, down low, or HIV positive. Scottie is putting everything on the table to discuss, debate, and dismantle stereotypes in a healthy exchange of ideas. She hopes to provide a more holistic, informed, and enlightened discussion of Black sexuality and dreams of helping couples be more open, honest, and adventurous in their relationships.

Friday, October 31, 2014

My Sexual Specialty

I want to arouse a man to the point of losing control.  Suck his fingers while I stare deep in his eyes.  I want to go down on him, lick him slowly, get his dick unbelievably wet, then suck him some more until he is begging me to cum, and then I stop, then do it over and over again.  I want to fuck myself with my dildo and lick my come off it in front of him.  I want to ride him until he cums deep inside me and then I would finger myself so I could lick it off.  What do I love?  I love it in public places.  I love dirty talk.  The nastier the better.  I love cumming until I pass out and then have my man keep fucking me.  I love it in the morning.

I want a man to do it to me deep and slow and intense.  I want a man that craves making slow, sweet, tender, gentle love to me.  I want a man to want me for me.  All of me, not just my face or body.  I want a man who is not intimidated by my intellect, and who sees more than just the outside.  I want a man who wants only my pussy, and no one else’s.  I want a man who can be creative, and that means more than just ramming it in hard and fast. I want a man to put some effort into seducing me, not just fucking me.

I want a man to share his most intimate secrets with me and know that I won’t betray them.  I want to come so hard and so many times that I can’t walk and he has to go to the kitchen to get me a glass of water.  I want to fall asleep with him sucking my nipple like a baby.  I want my man to wonder if he will ever get pussy as good as mine ever again in life.   I want a man to come so hard inside me that he doesn’t know where he ends and I begin.  I want him to stare at my pussy is disbelief that it gets so wet, tastes so good, and feels so hot.  That’s what I want from a man.

Making Love to my Man

Rodney was waiting for me in the bedroom while I got ready.  The steam in the bathroom from my relaxing bath had fogged up the mirror, but I really didn’t need it to see, I know my body in such intimate detail that I could get dressed with my eyes closed, blindfolded and in the dark.  Luckily, I had candlelight to help me as I unwrapped my terrycloth robe and began applying my Amaretto Truffle Coconut Body Oil from head to toe.  I loved the feel of the slippery substance between my fingers as I warmed it between my palms.  I started at my toes and didn’t miss a spot all the way up my legs.  I massaged the muscles in my calves and my thighs, feeling my soft brown skin slip and slide under my touch.  I poured more of the sweet smelling oil into my palms and rubbed it gently into the baby soft hair on my mound.  I couldn’t resist the temptation and I slid my fingers in between my lips and rubbed my clit gently for a few seconds, starting my sweet juices flowing.  As I worked my way upward, I cupped my breasts and softly pulled my nipples with my fingers.  By the time I finished my ritual-like anointment, I had massaged oil all the way down my shoulders, arms, back, and full round ass.  Rodney likes to call it my ghetto booty, I much prefer to refer to it as my Afrocentric behind, giving way to a less offensive description of my very bootylicious derriere.  When it was all said and done, I was glistening and smelling like a cookie fresh from the oven in grandma’s kitchen. 

 I put my ankh toe ring on and a cowry shell anklet around my ankle.  My belly chain lay softly on my hips, right above my black panther tattoo.  I chose a small charm of the sun for my navel ring and I pulled my dreadlocks up on my head and secured them in a style that would be sure to keep my shoulder length tresses out of the way later on.  I applied only the tiniest amount of lip-gloss to my full, sensual lips and I admired my adornments and prepared myself for the most dramatic accessory of all.  I slid the leather straps of the harness up my legs, over my thighs, and secured the fasteners tightly.  I felt my heart skip a beat and pulse race as I prepared myself for the pleasure that was about to come. 

The soft light from the television screen flickered and illuminated the bedroom.  Waiting on the black satin sheets, stroking his dick watching a video we had made of ourselves a few months back was my soul mate.  When he looked up and saw me, he started stroking his erection that much harder and staring me deeply in my eyes, connecting with me as only lovers can do that know each other beyond the realm of words.  His dick was completely hard and looked so inviting.  Rodney turned me on so much it was all I could do to keep myself from straddling him and lowering my hot, tight, pussy down on every steely inch of his manhood.  But tonight was a night for a different sort of pleasure. 

I moved to the edge of the bed and he stood to kiss me.  I stood on my tiptoes and wrapped my arms around his neck.  His erection pressed against my stomach and I felt the moisture that had collected at the tip against my skin.  He grabbed my ass with his strong hands and kneaded the soft flesh.  I melted with his manipulation and met his thrusts with my own.  This time, his dick was met with my own formidable counterpart.  The hard, silicone, black dildo that I wore sensually rubbed against his own flesh and blood ebony column of hardness.  Our mouths found each other and we shared our lips and tongues in a passionate kiss. 

In an effort to get him prepared, I had him lay on the bed and I straddled his back to give him a much-needed deep tissue massage to help him relax from the stresses of a hectic workweek.  I poured a heated pool of his favorite ginger/fig/honey body oil on the small of his back and began working out the stiffness and creating more stiffness in other parts of his body.  I caressed and soothed away frustrations caused by contracts that didn’t get signed, vendors that didn’t come through with promises they made and clients that were making irrational demands.  His head lay serenely on his folded arms and I could hear him breathing peacefully as I worked my way lower down his body, to the backs of his thighs.  He spread his legs slightly and I rolled his heavy balls gently in my slippery fingers.  He arched his back at the stimulation and let out a low moan that let me know he was ready for more.  I had other plans however and I was going to prolong the pleasure for as long as I possibly could.  I massaged oil into the backs of his thighs and down his legs and took an extra long time rubbing the acupressure points on his feet.  Quiet as kept, he’s ticklish and every time I would hit the right spot, he would giggle like a little boy.  It’s so sweet when he does that I can’t help but get a little thrill from seeing such a strong man, in body, mind and spirit, squirming and laughing like that. 

I turned him over and had him lay on his back.  It was my turn to have my breath taken away.  His beauty is beyond words, its something that emanates from him, in the way that he carries himself.  His body is a work of art.  His smooth muscles rippled beneath his brown skin, and his stomach was a prototype for a washboard.  His dick stood proudly, inviting me to it.  I accepted the gracious invitation and made my RSVP with a sensual kiss. 

I lowered my mouth to the head and gently placed my lips to it.  I looked up at him as I bestowed the first of many kisses to my lover’s hard dick.  I took my tongue and began softly lapping at his precum.  “Mmmm, you taste so good.”  He tried to grab his dick and start stroking it again but I took his hands and held them firmly to the bed as I made my slow and sensual descent down his dick with my mouth.  I could hear him gasp for air and he gripped the sheets, letting me know that I could use my hands for other things.  I grabbed the base of his dick and began stroking it and licking it at the same time and he was thrusting his hips, trying to fuck my mouth.  My spit was running down his balls and I was rolling them between my fingers again. 

“Oh shit, that feels so good, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” he kept chanting.  I knew the buttons to push and I worked his dick with my mouth.  I stared deep in his eyes and I started sucking my finger.  He knew the routine and spread his legs.  I took my wet finger and lightly caressed the tender skin around his asshole.  I barely touched it but he almost jumped out of his skin.  My objective was not to penetrate him, just tease him lightly so I circled my finger around the hole and kept licking and sucking his gorgeous dick.  He grabbed the pillow to cover his head and I put a stop to that immediately.  I wanted to experience all his pleasure and that included him moaning and groaning.  The beauty of our relationship was the fact that we could give and take pleasure so freely and I wanted to soak up every bit of his arousal. 

Rodney was never one to ask for more, especially when we were engaged in strapon games, he was always content to let me drive that ship, control the pace.  I told him, however, that part of the turn on for me was knowing how much he loved me inside him, of hearing him beg me to fuck him.  “Say it baby, I know you want it, say it for me.” 

He looked like he was about to crawl out of his skin, he was squirming and thrashing around on the bed, moaning and groaning.  I was relentless in my assault, deep throating him, licking him, sucking him, and rubbing his spot.  He was holding on to some macho bullshit rules that told him that he couldn’t ask for it but I would not let him get off that easily.  I was determined to hear him say it.  I can’t tell you how incredibly wet I get, knowing he wants me inside him, knowing I’m giving him pleasure like that. 

He rolled over on his stomach.  It was time to get a little more adventurous.  We were prepared for the night’s adventures so I reached over to the nightstand and took the Vanilla Cream Oil of Love and poured just a tiny amount right on his hole.  It gets hot when you blow on it so a gently breathed hot air on his hole.  Rodney was in heaven and kept telling me it felt good.  I took the tip of my tongue and started gently lapping at his hole, enjoying the way his body reacted to my tongue fuck.  It was more than obvious that he was enjoying it as much as I was.  I made a mental note that he was going to have to lick and finger my ass later on in the evening because I loved it more than he did.  He was at his limit for foreplay and finally said, “Boo, you know it feels good, come on,” but that wasn’t enough for me.  We’d been through too much together for me to let him get away with that.  I began rubbing the cheeks of his ass, making the full mounds slippery with the oil.  I took the bottle of lubricant and drizzled it all over my strapon, and began stroking it as if it were my own flesh and blood extension.  I loved the look of the beautiful brown penis that was protruding from my body.  We had chosen it specifically because it so closely resembled Rodney’s tool.  Fully erect, he is as thick as a can of one of those high caffeine energy drinks, you know the ones, and he is nearly twice as long.  I loved the life-like feel of the veins and exacting details down to the head with its pisshole. 

With my fingers slippery with lube, I began fingering him a little more.  I took the tip of my finger and put it in him and he started humping the bed like crazy.  I was working it in deeper and he was reaching back, pulling his ass cheeks apart, trying to get me to do it harder.  This wasn’t our first time, so he was able to accommodate my fingers and my strapon with relative ease.  “Rodney!  Tell me you want me to fuck you now.  Say it.  Beg for my dick in your ass.”

That was enough to send him over the edge.  What did Vanessa Williams say?  “Welcome to the comfort zone, when you need to be loved like you need to be loved.”  Rodney was in that zone.  He got up on his knees, put his face down and looked back with lust in his eyes and said, “Fuck me!” 

I swear I almost came right then and there. 

I took the slippery head of the dildo and placed it at the entrance to his hole.  I took my hands and rubbed them all over his back and thighs and he was practically pushing back trying to get me to fuck him. I held the dildo steady and worked the head in.  The heat in the room seemed like it was at full blast but it was actually just our sexual heat.  I looked down, at the point where I was penetrating him and I felt like I was literally inside him.  I felt like I could feel that dildo like it was my own flesh and blood.  I took a deep breath and I started pushing it in further.  Rodney was loving it and begging for more and who was I to deny him?  I was stroking and pounding and fucking him deeper.  Every time I hit his spot, he would moan out and inspire me to give him more.  I reached around and grabbed his dick and started stroking him at the same pace I was fucking him.  I swear he was literally screaming into the pillow.  He was fucking me back hard and trying to get more and more of that strapon inside him.  I started spanking that ass, letting him know I was in control, and he was loving every second of it.  My nipples were aching I was so aroused.  My pussy was leaking juices that were running down my thighs.  My clit was being stimulated every time I would bury every single inch deep in his sexy ass.  There was no way to fight it, he was going to cum and cum hard and I wasn’t going to be far behind him. 

I grabbed his hips and worked my strapon with skill.  “Come baby, give me that cum.  Prove to me that you love me fucking you hard and deep.”  He grabbed his dick and started stroking it, gripping it tightly and working that hot white cum up from his tight nuts.  “mmmmmmm, I’m going to cum, oh fuck, I’m cumming” 

I released the straps that held the harness in place and pulled the covers up over us.  We snuggled together, exhausted from the experience before we both drifted off to sleep.  Before the weekend was over, we would fuck in every way imaginable and I would cum so many times I actually passed out from pleasure.  It’s indescribable how much satisfaction I get from making love to my man . . . in every way imaginable. 

Copyright 2005 AfroerotiK

Peace and Plenty

            Every relationship undergoes key pivotal points in its evolution.  Casual dating transitions to an exclusive arrangement.  Exclusivity begets genuine feelings of love.  Love ushers in cohabitation: a combining of lifestyles and possessions, a bold declaration that the pairing has a sense of permanence, and a testing ground for matrimony.  Of course, there are sexual acts as well that serve as major milestones in a relationship.  The exploration of fantasy and sharing a “first” builds trust and intimacy and signals a stronger, more tangible bond.

            For Jamie and Shawn, their two-year relationship was about to turn the corner into un-chartered territory.  The plans were made, the date was set, the cable had been cut off . . . all the details were in place for Shawn to make the move from Ohio to Delaware to create a new home for himself under the same roof as his beautiful queen and soulmate.  He was nervous about what the big change might bring but completely confident in his decision.  In anticipation of the big move and as a special gift to Jamie, he planned a surprise get-away, week-long vacation to Exuma, Bahamas Grand Isle Villas.   It was a luxury resort that had every amenity one could ever want or hope for:  a free form pool with a swim-up bar, a private chef for in-villa dining and most importantly, a crescent-shaped white sand beach that was created by God for the sole purpose of rest and relaxation and soaking up the sun.  It was his way of saying, “Jamie . . . I’m so in love with you.  Thank you for completing me,” and to set a peaceful, relaxing stage before movers, boxes, and disorganization reigned supreme.  They had seven whole days with none of the pressures and stresses of work, obligations, or commitments.  In their Caribbean hide-a-way, they could let their hair down and be uninhibited.  

            From the moment their plane landed, they soaked up every decadent and hedonistic experience they could.  There wasn’t a massage, spa treatment, or alcoholic beverage they didn’t sample.  Shawn went horseback riding, parasailing, snorkeling and deep sea fishing while Jamie didn’t leave the lounge chair and her novel.  One day, opting to do a little bit of nude sunbathing, Jamie was more than happy to give Shawn a special show when applying suntan oil.  She did a sexy little lap dance for him, pouring oil all over her body and rubbing it in to her smooth, bronze skin.  Bending over in front of him, she spread the cheeks of her ass and gave him a breathtaking view that wasn’t on any of the brochures the travel agent had shown him.  She slid his swimming trunks off and Jamie slid down on his dick.  She rode him hard, bouncing up and down, using his dick to get herself off.  They were in full view of several passengers on a sailboat that was anchored slightly off-shore.  There was no shame or embarrassment to be felt, they were a couple taking advantage of paradise and living with no regrets. 

            By day four, Jamie was ready to venture out to do some shopping.  They combed the tiny streets of Exuma, in search of the perfect gifts to take home to friends and family.  The Peace and Plenty Gift Shop had such an inviting name, it was virtually impossible not to go in. 

            “Welcome, is there something in particular that you are looking for today?”  The voice came from the shop owner as she came out from behind the counter to greet the pair face to face.  She was breathtaking—and quite willing to share lots of intimate details about her life in a very short period of time.  Raised in Brazil, her name was Kia and it seems her mother was half French and Spanish and her father was half Kenyan and Indian.  She ended up on the island after having gone on vacation with an ex-boyfriend and falling in love with the place and making the decision never to leave.  She purchased the shop for a steal after Hurricane Andrew and never looked back.

            Jamie began moving around the shop in complete ease and comfort.  Shawn was content to just watch the two chat and browse.  It was more than apparent that the ladies were getting along like long lost friends who’d been reunited.  Kia proclaimed, “Here, you absolutely must try on this bikini, it will look fabulous on you.”  She pulled Jamie behind a small partition that was cordoned off to create a make shift fitting room.  Hidden behind the silk curtain, Kia undressed Jamie and dressed her like a mannequin, talking all the time.  They seemed to be in there for an inordinately long period of time and Shawn wondered what could be happening.  As the curtain was pulled back and Jamie emerged, he saw the signs of her arousal.  Her nipples were hardened and poking out from the thin material, her breathing was shallow, and her eyes were glazed over with a look of pure lust.  Shawn could feel his dick stiffen with unspoken excitement.  Kia emerged, equally as radiant and supercharged with sexuality.  All Shawn could do was say, “WOW, you look fantastic.  We’ll take it.”

            Back at the villa, Shawn was anxious for details of what had happened in the fitting room but he knew Jamie well enough to be patient and that she would share at the perfect time.  He didn’t have to wait long because shortly after they’d unpacked and repacked all their souvenirs, there was a knock at the door.  “In your haste, you forgot your old clothes.  Lucky for me, you mentioned where you were staying so I could return them to you.”

            “Oh, thank you so much, do come in,” Jamie said as she closed the door.  Did it really matter that the premise of returning the clothes was a thinly-veiled rouse coordinated by Jamie? As soon as she was safely inside, Kia turned and the ladies began kissing, making out really, while Shawn stood staring in disbelief.  Jamie broke the kiss long enough to come over to him and whisper in his ear, “This is my way of saying, ‘Thank you for completing me, sit back, relax, and enjoy.  I love you.’” 

            Shawn almost couldn’t believe his eyes.  It was like a dream.  The incredibly sexy woman he loved more than anyone or anything was about to make love to another incredibly sexy woman for his enjoyment.  He sat back in a comfortable chair, pulled out his dick, and watched the seduction begin.  Jamie was amazing, expressive, uninhibited in her actions.  Her movements were fluid as she gave into passion like she’d never known before.  Their sun-kissed, brown limbs were a blur of sensual tangles.  Not once did Jamie hesitate or have second thoughts as she devoured every inch of Kia’s body with her mouth. Their kisses were soft and tender and Shawn was amazed at the passion the two women shared.  In all of the times they had shared the fantasy in the privacy of their bedroom, Shawn never expected Jamie to be so creative when making love to another woman.  He took notes as she spread Jamie’s pussy lips and licked and sucked her hard clit.  Ramming her tongue deep inside Kia’s hole, Jamie used her tongue to fuck her like a dick.  In a million years, he never would have thought that Jamie would be so bold as to get into anal play with a total stranger but she didn’t have a problem probing Kia’s tender backdoor with her finger and making her go into orgasmic overdrive.  Even her dialogue was that of a seasoned expert.  “Mmm, I love your sweet, juicy pussy, I love the way it tastes.  Cum in my mouth you sexy thing. I’m going to lick my man’s hot cum from your pussy after he fucks you senseless.” 

 Kia, no stranger to being with another woman, was equally as talented and brought Jamie to several orgasms with her mouth and fingers.  She took special pleasure in sucking on Jamie’s gorgeous breasts.  Intertwining their legs, they rubbed their clits against one another, mixing their juices and aromas like a special blend of intoxicating perfume.

            Shawn was stroking himself, crazy with lust.  Just when he thought things couldn’t get any better, couldn’t get any hotter, he felt the tender caress of soft lips against his own.  Almost at the same time, a set of lips began sucking his erection.  Jamie was sharing her man out of love, out of connection and there was no jealousy or competition to be found between the three of them.  Both ladies knelt between his legs and began licking his dick at the same time.  One licked, one sucked, they kissed it together.  It seemed that whenever Jamie was swallowing him deep, Kia was licking his nuts.  They were fingering each other and Shawn had four breasts to caress and fondle. 

            They all moved to the bed and made themselves more comfortable.  Shawn was almost too nervous to know what to do.  He looked at Jamie for direction and approval.  She was the most important person in his life and he needed to know that she was still okay with everything, he needed to let her know that if she wanted to pull the plug on anything that it was okay with him.  Jamie kissed him softly, letting him taste Kia’s pussy for the first time.  He sucked her lower lip into his mouth, getting harder from knowing that the women he wanted to share his life with was “Dining at the Y” only minutes earlier. 

            The remainder of the three days were spent making, erotic, exotic love; Shawn, Jamie and Kia.  It was a stepping stone for the couple, a portal through which they traveled in order to become closer.  There were no regrets to be had.  Back in the States, they would consummate their combined lives with renewed vigor and the knowledge that they could look forward to the next major milestone in their relationship with eager anticipation. 

Copyright 2006 AfroerotiK