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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Great White Hope

Mano a mano. That’s the boxer’s creed. Hand to hand combat, 10 ounces of leather and padding, your skill, and your wits; that’s all you take in that 20 square foot ring of ultimate competition with you. In the ring, alone, the dull roar of the anxious crowd almost drowns out the voices in your head. You must not only battle your opponent, you have to battle your fears, your insecurities, and your natural predispositions. You have to suppress your instinctual drive for fight or flight in the throes of an exhilarating adrenaline rush; you have to stay and fight, and fight some more, fight like your life depends on it, because it does. Sure, the first rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club, but the unless you’ve been in that ring, staring down an opponent who wants to take your head off, your legs weak, mouth dry, and your vision cloudy, you can never really understand exactly what it means to be in fight club, even if someone explains all the intricacies and details to you. Victory or defeat. Champion or failure. There are only two options for leaving that ring: as the winner with your head and your hand held high or as a loser, slinking away in shame, beaten and defeated. It’s a metaphor for life really, either you’re a winner or you’re a loser, there are no consolation prizes for participating.

“Six . . . Seven . . . Eight! Look at me, look at me! You alright? You okay?” The referee held Mark’s gloves tightly to his upper torso, scanning his swollen eyes for some indication that he should stop the fight. Being one of only a few other men in the room, the ref did have a certain amount of compassion for him. Knowing full well that Mark had signed up for this exact thing, that he wanted all of this, that he was aware of the risks before he stepped foot in the ring, the ref’s empathy was fleeting and temporary. Mark, the ONLY white man in the entire room, had paid for this opportunity to get his ass kicked.

That's an excerpt from my newest erotic story. I don't write very many stories any more but this one is easily one of my favorites. It's a departure for me. Let me know what you think about it.…

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Bad Religion

I was married a million years ago. My ex husband was cheating on me and I put him out the day I found out. The entire process sent me into depression and I had insomnia. After a month I was delerious and desperate for sleep. One of my best friends suggested I get a meditation tape and listen to it to help me sleep. I got it and the very first time I listened to it I fell asleep. I was hooked. I listened to it every chance I could because when I was asleep that was the only time I wasn't feeling the pain of hurt and betrayal. After a month or so I ventured out and got another meditation cassette tape and started to feel better and better every day.

Curious about meditation and how it worked I started buying books on meditation to get a better understanding. Back in the 90s, I had never heard the term metaphysical before and it felt threatening to my Christianity so I embarked on a mission to learn all about world religions so that I could shore up my arguments that Christianity was the only true and right religion.

I took classes on Judaism and the Kabbalah and spent hours in the library reading everything I could. Six months later I declared myself a Jew. I came to the realization that there was truth in Judaism and I might as well read up on Islam to be able to debate intelligently if someone dare challenge me. I few months later I was pretty convinced I was Muslim.

I still had nagging, lingering questions that no religion seemed to answer but at the time I had been trained/brainwashed not to ask difficult or complex questions because I was pretty sure God would punish me to hell for not believing every word of whatever religion I was practicing. I kept on. Buddhism seemed most truthful of everything I had studied thus far but I was self-aware enough to recognize the pattern. I went back to identifying as Christian but with a comprehensive grasp of all sorts of religions.

It was around that time that I started studying Christanity. Not studying the bible but studying how Christianity came to be, trying to find evidence in history that could prove Christianity was the one true, right religion. What I learned rocked me to my core. I learned that Christianity was an invetion by white men to control the masses, to gain power, to hide real spiritual truths. It started to make sense why the concept of learning about other religions, about questioning God was considered heresy. Interestingly enough it was around this time I started to question everything I had grown to understand about sex and sexuality but that will have to wait for me to explain.

Fast forward to moving to Atl in the late 90s. I was meditating daily, with a group that became my family, and also alone. I started asking the Universe/God for clarity. I put a piece of paper up on my bathroom mirror that said, "I am open and receptive to thy loving spirit of truth." I would say it aloud every time I went into the bathroom. I was also in grad school in the African and African American studies dept. at the time so I could easily put the pieces together of how whites beat Christianity into us as a tool of control, how damaging that was to us psychologically as a people, and I had a greater understanding of the beauty of African religions by that time as well.

Growing up, my mother was a mistress, not in the BDSM sense of the word but in the adulterous whore context. She never went to church because she knew her life was foul. My grandparents and aunts and uncles were the ones to expose me to church. I remember in daily vacation bible school asking why. Why would God damn people to hell for not believing in Jesus if they had never even heard his name before? Why is God so petty that he did so many things to hurt so many people? If God is God, why does he care if you learn about other religions? Why is God a man?

I started to get the answers to those questions through my meditation. The answers didn't come the way I expected them to and they were way more scientific than religious. I just kept saying that I was open and receptive to thy loving spirit of truth.

On May 5th, 2000 the planets aligned. It was supposed to be the first time since Christ was born that they had all formed a straight line. I invited my meditation family over to my apartment and we had a group meditation.

Two days later I had a revelation, a grand epiphany. The truth of the Universe was revealed to me in a flash of a second. It was a sensatoon I will never forget because I was at work and three very distinct explanations of the Universe/God showed themselves to me at the exact same time in a fraction of a second.

In that moment, everything made sense. I understood everything, all my questions were answered. I understood why no religion was valid, how we are all connected. From that moment on I could no longer identify as Christian. I've continued to meditate and study all sorts of metaphysical things, physics, chemistry, and I studied consciousness in grad school to understand my revelations. I've had more revelations and they are all greater understandings of those initial three revelations.

It would be many years before I would ever tell anyone about my revelations. While I can discuss them openly now, I have no desire or inclination to convince anyone of what I believe, I don't need to prove my beliefs to anyone and I certainly don't want or need to debate anyone about religion.

My only requirement today is that in finding and meeting a partner, I require him not to practice a relgion. I want him to believe in something larger than us but I can't be comfortable with someone who practices and believes in the lies of man, of men whose intentions were to use religion to control and oppress people, and to monetize it to line their own pockets. Me dating someone who believes the world was created in 7 days or in an ark that can fit two of every animal on the earth would be akin to me dating someone who thinks Trump is a great president.

I am comfortable identifying myself as a practicing Scottieist, a religion of one.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

A Big Nothing Burger with Russian Dressing and a Side of Traitor Tots

Let's examine the facts from the perspective that Trump didn't just accidentally stumble into collusion with Putin based on the Trump Moscow deal; It is my supposition that Putin CHOSE Trump to install and he courted and approached Trump and offered to get him elected as POTUS.  We know that Putin's objective was to disrupt American democracy.  The question is, the glaring question is, if Putin wanted to install Trump as president, if his plan all along was to help someone who was enough of a dullard and egotistical enough to be flattered into doing his bidding inside the Oval Office, why wouldn't Putin manipulate the votes in order to get Trump in office?. Is it because he was afraid of what would happen to him if he did, that he would get in trouble with the CIA, that they would slap him on the wrist?  Is it because he respected our democratic process too much to alter the votes?  Perhaps he trusted that fake Twitter profiles were enough to convince the American public to vote for Trump. That's the question that everyone, it seems, refuses to even give voice to.  It's not as if the voting machines are impenetrable. The NY Times has reported that there are lots of voting machines that can have the software hacked.  Putin obviously knows that but the assumption is he didn't hack them because . . . he wanted every citizen to have their vote counted?  Putin is not beyond manipulating votes in his own country.  Why the hell wouldn't he manipulate votes in ours?  
If Putin's plan was to install a president whom he could manipulate, if he has the alleged pee pee tape or some other compromising sexual dirt on Trump, if he simply saw Trump as a starry-eyed sycophant whose greed could be manipulated and he approached Trump as said he could get him elected with the help of a hacking/internet/fake news campaign, then the next and obvious question is why wouldn't Putin manipulate the vote totals?  If Putin's plan is to disrupt American democracy and his very first tactic isn't changing the vote totals, he's not very good at hacking elections.  It's seems impossible to me, inconceivable to me that Putin wanted to hack the American election and his entire plan consisted of creating fake Facebook/Twitter profiles to post fake Tweets and hacking John Podesta's emails for a risotto recipe.  I've never stolen an election before but if I were to decide to become an Atlanta dictator and autocrat who wanted to install my granddaughter as president of her 5th grade class,  I wouldn't rely on a few glittery posters and some cupcakes to influence the outcome. The very first thing I would plan to do is stuff the ballot boxes.  I can't believe that Putin's plan was to just cross his fingers and hope that the inane emails found in the DNC hack would convince the majority of American people to vote for the the village idiot.  
Now, let's take a look at the facts that we know for sure from the perspective that the Russian scandal is based on Trump being selected as the perfect malleable candidate, not that he decided to run for President and Putin saw an opportunity to manipulate him when he was approached by Cohen or Don, Jr about the Trump Moscow  deal.  Let's suppose for a minute that Putin approached Trump and said, "Hey, I am looking to make a lot of money and I have a plan and I need you and only you to pull it off."  Trump starts salivating and says he is in on the deal.  They set out to have Trump run for POTUS and surprise, surprise, he wins primary after primary.  We know that Trump is guilty of whatever he accuses others of doing.  Right before the election, he started suggesting that he had no faith that the votes were going to be legitimate and that the results were going to be manipulated, that there was going to be voter fraud.  Don't you think that's because he knew Putin was going to have his hackers manipulate the totals for him?   Isn't that classic Trump, accuse others of doing what he is doing himself? 
If he was Putin's puppet, that explains the people with whom he decided to align himself .  If you look at his actions from the perspective that Putin was his boss all along, everything makes more sense. From his choice of Eric Prince's sister Betsy Devos as Sec. of Education, to Putin's best oil bud Rex Tillerson as SoS. It explains Jill Stein's presence at the RT dinner, it explains Russian fanboy Carter Page's appointment, and itt explains anyone and everyone who had Russian ties being in Trump's inner circle.  Putin wanted his closest comrades in place to pull off his mission to make billions once the sanctions were lifted. Trump was/is forming an annex office of The Kremlin in Washington DC and he wanted to place Russian friendly associates in place to help him.  It explains why Jared wanted to have a back channel to Russia and felt comfortable saying that he was okay with using their equipment: it's because he and the Trump organization have been cooperating with Russia since day one.  It makes sense why Trump was sooooo willing to ignore the warnings about Flynn.  It explains EVERYTHING.  It explains the Seychelles, the sanctions question from Butina, and even Devon Nunes hiding in the bushes, more importantly it explains every single action Trump has made.  It explains why he has been so Putin friendly every step of the way.  Everything makes sense when you examine things from that perspective.  Wouldn't that also explain who hacked the NRCC?  Trump only understands mob tactics.  Wouldn't it make sense that he asked Putin to get dirt on Republicans with the hopes that they were doing something illicit and scandalous in those emails and he could use that info to blackmail them to take the pressure off of him and the Russian nothingburger as he calls it? Makes a lot sense, no?.  
Finally, if we have learned anything about the current WH, we know that they lie about everything.  The official reason they said they finally fired Flynn was because he lied to Mike Pence.  Mike Pence knows that Trump was illegitimately elected.   I don't know how Pence is connected to Russia but you can be sure he is if he is aligned with Trump.

I realize I'm not the first person to assert this position.  I have not read the Steele Dossier but I'm going to assume that it supposes these things as facts and provides evidence.  I understand all too well that society is invested in avoiding any subject matter that approaches sex and sexuality as anything other a vanilla and benign activity done only by married white heterosexuals on a Saturday night. America is invested in hiding white men's collective depraved sexual behaviors so I get that the media didn't want to give credence to an actual pee pee tape.  I would just like to give a few minutes of contemplation to the concept that Putin created the plan to disrupt American democracy and he chose Trump as his guy because he had dirt on him and that the votes were manipulated.  
I have little doubt that whomever is pulling the strings behind he scenes is operating under the assumption that they don't want to reveal that our democracy was infiltrated to the extent that vote totals were changed.  The American people not only deserve the truth about our election process and it's vulnerability, however, but also it's imperative that the status quo can't be maintained in order to protect the crimes of traitors and the egos of racist, xenophobic Trump supporters.  
I'm a woman of color in this country and every day I see policies being made and people being installed who are going to erode the rights of individuals who look like me.   The questions I am imploring you to ask yourself are, what if Trump truly is a Manchurian candidate and, most importantly, why wouldn't Putin direct his hackers to manipulate the vote totals

Sunday, November 25, 2018


I need to address some incredibly offensive, inaccurate, and racist comments by . . . some dude whose name is not even important to this discussion. His arrogant comments however need to be addressed. In several deluded comments he made in response to a piece I wrote explaining why white people cannot claim to be victims of racism, he made some statements that were patently untrue. He claims that there have been lots of other races of people who have been enslaved and had their histories, identities, religions, and names stolen from them and they aren’t whining and crying about it like us sniveling African Americans. Well, let me set the record straight.

First and foremost, there has never been another group of people kidnapped from their homeland, forced to give up their names, forced to give up their language, forced to give up their families, art, history, culture, and their entire identities to the same extent as Africans who were enslaved in America. Not the Irish, not the Jews, not Cambodians, no one on the planet has endured what the descendants of slaves suffered. Want to know how I know this? Because white people won’t let you forget about Jon Benet Ramsey 30 years later, they won’t let you forget about OJ Simpson, you know they would never let you forget about something as horrific as an event that robbed them of their humanity for generations. The racist troll stated that the Jewish people were enslaved and they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and it’s only us lowly niggers who keep insisting that we are the victims of racism.

OK, so let me ask a few questions to see if the tragedy of the Jewish Holocaust compares to the tragedy of slavery in a game I like to call Oppression Olympics.

1. How long were the Jewish people enslaved during the Holocaust? Was it for generations? Were Jews taken into concentration camps and made to live there under German rule as inferiors for multiple generations without being able to read, write, or get any education? No, they weren’t. The individuals who entered the concentration camps knew freedom, autonomy, they knew independence before they were imprisoned. They were ripped from a world where they functioned as normal human beings. Those individuals who were fortunate enough to survive that hell, when they were freed, they knew how to live and function as a human being in a world that saw them as human beings.

Africans who were enslaved, those ripped from Africa, transported to the New World, they also knew what it meant to be free. Here’s the kicker, slaves born into the system of slavery, those who never knew freedom a day in their lives, those who never made an adult decision about their destinies, about their lives, never had the same luxury as Jews who were imprisoned in Nazi Germany. Slaves born into they system never learned to read, write, they never learned how to run a household on their own, they never learned how to properly raise their children. Not because they were inherently inferior but because those options were not available to them because of their skin color.

2. Were Jews robbed of their history and identity? Hmmm, excellent question. Jews . . . created history. The entire Old Testament bible is based on their supposed greatness. Jews have the very same religion they had since, as they claim, God created Earth. Do African Americans have the religion our ancestors practiced? Not only do we not know what religion our ancestors practiced, we have been beaten, brainwashed, and convinced that the religion our ancestors practiced was heathen. Jews have a language they can call their own. Jews have songs they can sing that go back millennia. Jews have the same surnames they have had since the beginning of time. Jews have art, food, and books that go back thousands of years. Want to know what African Americans have? We have negro spirituals we learned under the whip of the white slave master because it was illegal for Blacks to practice their own traditions or tell our own stories of greatness. It was illegal for Blacks to even beat a damn drum. What if Jews had bar/bat mitzvahs taken from them? If there were no Jewish holidays on the calendar THEN they might be able to claim equality in the Oppression Olympics.

3. Were Jews dehumanized for their appearance? Well, I’m sure some racist troll who thinks he can put me in my place is going to suggest that Jews’ unique hair texture was different and thus it made them easier to be identified as Jewish, thus, it’s the very same thing as Blacks who were enslaved because of our beautiful dark, smooth skin, our gorgeous thick, wooly, hair texture, our beautiful facial features like our wide noses and our thick lips. We were dehumanized because our women had bigger asses and our men had bigger dicks. It’s pretty easy to take off your yarmulke to hide your Jewish identity. It’s not so easy to take off your skin though. But, I’m sure, racist nudist troll is going to insist that it doesn’t matter, that those things are unimportant. Well, let me take your child, brand them with a burning hot iron, rename them, denigrate them daily for their stringy limp hair, their thin unkissable lips, their flat asses, their inferior genitalia, and their pink, pasty, sickly looking skin. Let me do it to their children for their entire lives. Let me do it to 15 generations of your offspring and then we can see if there is similar damage done to their psyches.

Jews and Germans, for the most part, had the same hair, same skin color, same facial features, same body types. If you put a SS uniform on a Jew, the overwhelming majority of them would be able to pass as their oppressor. Here is a fun fact, slaves didn't have that same luxury. They couldn't pass as their oppressor, pretend to be one of their slave masters simply by putting on a different outfit.
4. Were Jews taken from their homeland? Ahhhh, here is where Jews can claim some competition in the Oppression Olympics. Exodus. Jews were driven from their home at one point in history. Were they kidnapped? Were they transported to another country thousands of miles away living in the piss and shit of strangers chained to them? Were they fed food infested with maggots and rat shit? Hmmmm. Were they chained to the hull of a ship with no water or fresh air? They walked for 40 years in the desert, united, together. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that is not the same thing as being captive on a slave ship.

There is another difference. Jews were given a little plot of land called Israel to do with as they pleased, including the systematic oppression of Palestinians at their discretion and pleasure. I’m going to also note here, and forgive my repetitiveness, but at no point in history were Jews robbed of their God, their names, their culture, their identities. It makes a difference. Want to know how I know? Because if it didn’t matter, Blacks and Jews would be in the same position today. If what happened to Jews was as tragic as what happened to Africans who were enslaved and their descendants then Jews were be in the same predicament as African Americans today. They aren’t. It’s not because they are more resilient, not because they were able to rebound better, not because they aren’t sniveling and whiny and playing the victim card. It’s because what has happened to them doesn’t compare to what happened to slaves. IF it was the same, if the impact of the horrors of American slavery were the exact same as what happened to any other race of people you would find the same outcome. Jews are not better at picking themselves up by their bootstraps. Jews are not better at rebounding from tragedy. Simply stated, what Jews endured in history does not even compare to what slaves endured.

Here’s where I need to empower the Black readers. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have read and understood the context of what I’m trying to teach you, if you can wrap your head around the fact that no other race of people have endured what we have, if you muster up the courage to confront white people with your understandings, inevitably, you are going to encounter the, “YOU”RE RACIST,” chants from whites who are going to be offended that you would even suggest that what Blacks endured was worse than any other crime against humanity. Here’s what I want you to ask them. First, ask them if every tragedy was equal, if every crime against humanity was the same, if there was no difference whatsoever, why is it that Blacks in America (and in colonized Africa) have suffered greater than any other race and seem to have such difficulty pulling ourselves up by our collective bootstraps like other races? Ahhhhh, not an easy question to answer if you are racist and think there there is something inherently inferior about Blacks in the first place. The ONLY reason Blacks occupy more ghettos, we are more disenfranchised, is because we have been systematically oppressed in ways that far surpass anything that any other race of people has ever endured.

Next, ask them why they are so offended that a Black person would suggest that slavery was the worst crime against humanity. You see, inherent in racism is this notion that if Blacks claim what happened to us was worse than what happened to other races, we are an arrogant, uppity nigger. White people have to have to have suffered more. They have to be the most maligned. They can’t stand to let anyone say that what happened to Africans who were enslaved and their descendants was worst than the Irish and the Jews or anyone else in history because we aren’t human to them. If this were a real competition, and Africans born in America won the Gold medal for being oppressed, white people would contest the results, they would fight and scream that they were the rightful winners. Why? Because they don’t give a damn that millions of Africans were thrown overboard ships. They don’t care that white slavers raped women to make a profit from their children. They don’t care about the horrors we endured because all that matters to them is trying to silence our voices. They only care about refuting facts with their distorted lies in order to claim superior status.

One has to wonder what points white people lose, what privilege they have to give up if they lose the Oppression Olympics. Whatever the cost to them it must be great because they refuse to acknowledge that the American slave trade was the greatest crime against humanity ever. The truly non-racist person would say, “Wow, thank you for opening my eyes to the horrors of slavery. I think what happened during slavery was reprehensible and I for one am willing to adjust my thinking to help eradicate the racism that exists today because of it.” The racist will read the first paragraph or two and then say that Blacks are whiny, that what happened to other races was worse, and that we are just making excuses for our inherently lazy, criminal, dysfunctional behavior. I’m here to tell you that not one unhealthy behavior exhibited by Blacks in America today is not the result of our collective enslavement and the horrors inflicted on us by evil, sadistic white people. Sad, but oh so true.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

NO, white people cannot, have not, will never experience racism!

In every single conversation about racism, inevitably white people will insist that they have experienced racism and that my discussion of racism, because it offends them, means that I’m racist.  White people cannot, have not, and will never experience racism.  

Racism is the intricate system of oppression, denigration, and devaluation that deems people of color as inherently inferior and that has existed for centuries.  It is not possible for white people to be born into a society where they are constantly told, in both overt and covert ways, that they are inferior merely because of the color of their skin.  White people are NEVER told that their hair, facial features, and body types are not considered the standard of beauty.  White people have never ever had legislators regulate their lives in a way in which they are left disadvantaged and substandard to people of color because legislators are always white, thus they have never lived in a society where their best interests are intentionally undermined.  

·         White people have never turned on a television and been faced with every face they see that looks nothing like them.
·         White people have never worshipped a God that looks unlike them.  They created God in their image, they have convinced the world that God is white and every image of a Judeo-Christian god (capitalization intentional) for thousands of years has been Caucasian. 
·         People of color have never colonized, controlled, and destroyed a nation and its population in Europe.
·         White people have never had their entire history, names, identities, art, culture, religion and history stolen from them.   Let that and the implications thereof sink in for a minute.
·         White people have never been told that the world’s greatest musicians, artists, philosophers, and scientists are people who look unlike them. 
·         White people are never told that their culture, music, speech patterns, and norms are abnormal.
·         White people NEVER have to fear that people of color are going to control and dictate their fate in a legal, medical, professional, or financial institution.
·         White people have never had people of color dictate their morality and/or social norms.
             White people have never lived in a society where people of color have denied them rights as human beings nor have they ever been told that their attractiveness means they have to have facial features as close as possible to people of color.

Because white people have never experienced any of those things, they have never experienced racism. 

A white person who has grown up in a Black neighborhood has never experienced racism because racism is not bigotry.  Bigotry is someone not liking a person because of the color of their skin. Racism is a complex, intricate, multilayered system of oppression that informs everything about a person’s identity, both white and black.  Racism informs how parents raise their children, it’s how one is socialized, it is NOT being discriminated against once or twice because you are in an interracial relationship.  Racism is generational, it’s the very fallacious belief that allows whites to think that their ancestors kidnapping, raping, torturing, beating, colonizing, and murdering people of color makes them somehow inherently superior or that it’s a fact that can be ignored so they don’t feel uncomfortable.  Racism is the arrogance that white people inherent because they believe that they can have the last word on every conversation, that they know it all, that they have a right to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

I know, I know! Saying that a white person is racist is the single most offensive thing that a Black person can say.  According to white people, a white person has to be wearing a white sheet, burning a cross, and screaming, “I hate Niggers,” before they can be considered racist and even then, there will be white people insisting that they know them personally and they are a good person and not racist.  I’ve seen it.  

Aaaaand . . . queue the white person who is going to say that they practice Buddhism or some religion where their God isn’t white and thus they aren’t racist but again, racism is not dictated by one single action or experience. 

Friday, August 24, 2018

"Reprogram me not to be racist."

Daily, I get some form a communication from white men who ask me to reprogram them to be a sissy/to crave Black dick/not to be racist.  Apparently, white manhood is so deeply entrenched into them, they need guidance and instruction from a Black woman to become a faggot sissy Jack of Spades (NOT my terminology, I would never denigrate Black men that way).

Listen up, racist white assholes.  No, I absolutely will not help reprogram you not to be racist.  You want me to “retrain” you not to be a racist asshole but that is clearly not possible because you are conflating your sexual fantasies with being a decent human being.  Why do you need to be retrained?  Were you indoctrinated in secret whiteness school to think that unarmed Black people should be murdered for minor violations, violations that you and your white friends can get away with with impunity?  Find someone else to reinforce your racist sexual fantasies that Black men are driven by lust for your nasty white girlfriend.  I support Black love, Black men and Black women being emotionally mature, intimate, honest, loving, and working together to eradicate racism, not your racist cuckold fantasies that reinforce that Black men are nothing more than sexual savages, nothing more than human dildos that service slutty, racist, white women or fuel your gay submissive desires.

I am superior to white men.  It’s not a role I play and I find your assertion that you need me to dominate you in order for you to see the humanity of Black people incredibly offensive.  You want me to alleviate your guilt over wanting to be a sissy faggot.  If your racist beliefs are that deeply ingrained that you can’t grasp that Black people have been oppressed, discriminated against, and disadvantaged since being kidnapped, enslaved, denied basic human rights, and objectified for centuries without having your dick in your hand, then you aren’t even worth my respect, let alone my precious time.  Go bother someone else who will tell you that your little cock is pathetic and feed your cucky fantasies.  I am not the one.

To all the white men who insist that they need to be reprogrammed in order not to be racist, I say go, read my blogs, my writings, my essays and my erotic stories.  Explore this new invention called the internet where you can find lots of information about white privilege, the fallacy of white supremacy, and racism.  Read a book, read a few, written by Black scholars.  Wait, you don’t value what Black academics have to say so go watch a few Tim Wise videos.  Apparently, learning about your racism is easier when it comes from a white man.  When you can come to me with some humility and respect for my race without it being tied to your racist sexual fantasies, when you have started doing the work of divesting yourself of the fallacy of white supremacy that is not connected to your erection, then I will be more than willing to converse with you about your racism.  Otherwise, it’s not my job, responsibility, or mission in life to make sure you aren’t racist.  That is your job!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

White Male Pathology

Submissive white men are ubiquitous.  Despite society doing their level best to perpetuate the false belief that white men are the original Alphas, that their inherent nature is to dominate and subjugate, that white maleness is the epitome of sexually-conservative heterosexuality, the reality, in plain sight for all the world to see, is that the overwhelming and vast majority of white men are bisexual, hyper-sexual, perverted, and submissive in numbers far greater than, well, certainly the media would ever dare to acknowledge. Yes, mainstream media depicts interracial relationships all the time.  What mainstream media doesn’t do is address the truth.  The truth is that white men desperately lust after Black sexuality in pandemic proportions.   

Before the internet, before the age of porn at our fingertips, people were largely left to their imaginations and speculation about what happened in other people’s bedrooms, about what sorts of fantasies and desires other people had.  There was more than enough room for conjecture that no one else in the entire world had the same erotic proclivities as you, that you were alone in your desires and curiosities.  The internet, smart phones, tube sites, social media, and dating apps changed all that.  One didn’t have to feel alone any longer, isolated in that they were the only person who is aroused by a particular kink that seemed obscure or abnormal.  What didn’t change with the advent of daily porn consumption was the secrecy, shame, and lies that surrounded the very mention of the word sex in larger society. 

At first, white men were satisfied to merely look at interracial porn to, you know, “see if the myth is true.” Their initial interracial curiosity evolved, however.  Eventually white men started imagining themselves in place of the white women getting fucked by big, thick, long, strong, Ebony dicks.   They began lusting after the big, black cock for themselves.

But white men are not supposed to be gay, and they are certainly not supposed to be gay to Black men so in order to compensate in their minds, in order for their own homosexual lust for big, Black dicks to make sense to them, they started to embrace being sissies and crossdressers in staggering numbers.   White men have embraced dressing and acting like white women in outrageous numbers in order to validate the fact that they want to be degraded, humiliated, used, and abused at the hands of Black men in the same way they have fantasized about their wives and girlfriends being objectified for years.  They have co-opted transgenderism to excuse their homosexual lust for Black men.  

What sort of white man would ever admit that he wants his wife to get fucked by a Black man, or that he wants to look at a Black man’s foot-long cock going in and out of her well-used asshole, or that he wants to suck that big black cock clean after she gets rammed hard and deep, let alone that he wants to get fucked so hard by a Black man that his asspussy gapes open like a blooming onion at . . . well . . . the chain of restaurants that sells blooming onions?  None of them will admit it in public but all white men want that and more.  White men are OBSESSED with Black sexuality despite being raised, socialized, and brainwashed to believe in the inherent inferiority of Blacks. That’s how deep racism runs in this country.  White men are socializing and interacting with their friends and family, their coworkers and associates, telling racist jokes, degrading any efforts for social equality from Black people, and CONVINCED beyond all reasonable doubt that they are the ONLY white male, the only one in existence in the entire Universe who obsessively lusts after the larger than average genitalia of Black men.  

In commercial porn, white men are always depicted as dominant and aggressive, white women are always the objects for men’s pleasure, little more than receptacles for cum.  Commercial porn shows white men spitting on, slapping, choking, and violating women, not riding big black dildos the size of fire extinguishers or begging to be gangbanged by groups of well-hung ghetto inhabitants.  Amateur porn shows a more realistic and accurate version of white male sexuality, it is replete with homemade videos of real white men showing how deviant they really are.  Commercial porn white men’s false sense of superiority and masks their insecurities and low self-esteem by portraying white men degrading and using women as if women were genetically predisposed to being submissive.   Commercial porn is little more than white men’s lame attempt to hide their shame in not being well-endowed like Black men, at not having the charisma, stamina, and inherent sensuality and sexuality of Black men, and obscuring their inherent need to experience sex at its most base, vile, and filthy level. Commercial porn reflects the sick need for white men to portray themselves as oppressors when they actually desire to be objectified.  

Because society is incapable of having informed, realistic conversations about sex and race, white men are left to create their own online dialogue about the nature of sex and to create a narrative where they are able to validate their preferences without any pesky reason or logic interfering with their quest for sexual gratification.  It is white men who are creating the gifs that call for the extinction of the white race, it’s white men creating the New Black World Order memes, promoting white slavery, and it is most assuredly white men creating videos hypnotizing white men to be pussy free and become cross-dressing sissies. 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

New Cuckold Story

“Really?  When?  July?  Wow, that’s great, I can’t wait to see you,” was the last thing she said before she hung up the phone.  “I’m sorry about that.  My ex-boyfriend is finally coming to the States for a visit.  We haven’t seen each other in 3 years and . . .” her voice trailed off, her sentence unfinished.  She went on to explain that she and her ex, Thato, had known each other since they were 5 years old in Cape Town.  They were each other’s first love.  He was in the military and couldn’t leave South Africa when she moved to the States so they decided to part ways with the understanding that they would always love each other but they needed to live their lives so they wouldn’t grow to resent each other and maybe one day they would reunite. 
Erick’s heart was pounding.  He wanted to ask if Thato was Black but he knew enough not to, he wanted to know if they were going to fuck when he came to town.  Mostly, he wanted to know if Thato had a big Black African cock.  Arianna pulled up pictures on her phone of their last meeting in Aruba and Erick gasped out loud.  He tried to play it off by saying he had swallowed a bug but his eyes were glued to the phone.  Not only was Thato Black and handsome, he was so dark his skin looked like charcoal.  He had muscles on top of muscles.  His stomach was an 8 pack of ripples, his chest, arms, legs, everything was supersized.  Not like Mr. Olympia on steroids but more like a well-built stallion.  His smile was blinding his teeth were so white. He looked like he towered over Arianna in the pictures by almost a foot.  In picture after picture, they were kissing and touching and his hands were resting on very intimate places on her body.  The contrast in skin tones was dramatic and it drove Erick insane.  And it was more than evident from their beach photos of Thato in his bathing suit that Arianna was accustomed to getting a lot of big hard cock.

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