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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Are Your Stories Real?

Are your stories real, are you as hardcore as the characters in your writings?

I get that question quite a bit so this is my response to all the white men who want to know. 

All my female Black Domme characters speak with my voice, they share my politics and sometimes my passions but they are not real, they are not me, and I am not them. Many of my AfroerotiK interracial stories were written for clients: submissive white males who tend to be masochists and who desire extreme, perverted things. I write stories catered to them, to their specific fantasies. At times they request that I write the story about me dominating them but they don't really know who I am so I use my creative license to construct a character who fits their fantasy of me.

Most of the stories I write are written in the third person about characters who clearly are not me but I suspect that late at night when most white men are reading my stories with their tiny cock in hand and dildo wedged deeply up their boipussies, they can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Most white men have compartmentalized their sexuality, meaning the are completely disconnected from reality. They lie excessively and extensively about their sexuality to everyone in their lives, including themselves, so they are not able to not grasp what's real and what's fantasy. I've yet to meet the white man who understands that I'm a real woman, not a one-dimensional fictional character. Most white men think I sit around in leather all day, whip in hand, waiting to kick white boys in the nuts. I'm a real, complex, multi-faceted woman. I have fears and insecurities like every other woman. I have hobbies and interests outside of BDSM like every other person.

I don't hide my identity. I post the same pictures on every porn site I belong to as I post on Facebook. My fantasies and fetishes are open to anyone to see: family, friends, coworkers, lovers, and vaguely curious fans and admirers. There are very few people on the planet who have that level of confidence. More importantly, I don't have a need to lie to myself. There are only a handful of people who even understand what that really means. I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not depending on who I am with, I don't have to hide my preferences from anyone. I don't have to confess my secrets to a total stranger on the internet late at night.  I've yet to meet the white man who grasps that I can feel a complexity of emotions and that my feelings can be hurt when I'm lied to, betrayed, or my trust has been broken. They don't see me as human. I'm not supposed to feel hurt or betrayal or disappointment; I'm not supposed to cry or have a soft side. I am just supposed to sit around with my girlfriends, sipping champagne and pissing on white men and fucking them with strapons.

White men consistently disregard how their actions will make me feel because they don't see me as human. They see me as a character from one of my stories. Even though I write all my Black female characters as complex women, white men are so used to objectifying us, stereotyping us as Black women, that it's nothing for them to profess their undying devotion to me in one breath and then get a fucking stank, nasty attitude with me in the next.

If I am the least bit more secure in my identity as a Black woman than other Black Dommes, it's only because I was blessed with an above average intellect via genetics and I had access to better education than most Black people are afforded. I also have a talent that most people have not been blessed with and I'm outspoken about issues of racism and how they intersect with sexuality. Dare I say that quite a few Black women are clinging desperately to the false narrative that a long, flowing blond weave will make them more beautiful and that having an expensive designer wardrobe will make them better than the next woman.  I have no such delusions and I LOVE being a Black woman with all my African features.  I am sophisticated, some might say "classy", and I enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life, I do not define myself by material things. I am not a pro Domme who will do what you want for an hour, I'm not materialistic nor am I superficial so I'm not desperate to jump through hoops to have white men fulfill their empty promises to send money that will never ever come.

Finally, I am infinitely and outrageously superior, I am confident in my identity, I am an extraordinary Black Domme. I have the ability to masterfully manipulate white men with skill and ease. I tend to be soft spoken, considerate, respectful (unless you piss me off) and sane. I have no delusions that I'm going to make white men into bareback gangbang faggot whores for Black men. That's not realistic or sane. I'm not a sadist. I'm not irrational. I'm a psychological manipulatrix, it's what I do best.  I understand the motivations, fears, desires, fantasies, fetishes, and flaws of white men better than most and I'm able to manipulate them beyond what most would even comprehend.  I don't have to do that by raising my voice, or making them do silly tasks, or dressing up in uncomfortable clothing and heels to look like some costumed doll.  I'm honest, upfront and sincere.  I can be cruel but I'm not mean.  Most white men are intimidated by me, by their fantasy of me, because they can't reconcile the fantasy that they read in my stories versus me, the real woman. 

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Fifty is the new black.

Trying to embrace aging in a society that worships youth is challenging to say the least. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#MuslimVisasMatter . . . more than Black Lives Apparently

First off, let me be 100% clear.  I know, it’s not up for question or debate, that Trump’s “Muslim ban” is racist, Islamaphobic, xenophobic, fascist, and illegal.  PERIOD!  It is nothing more than his thinly-veiled attempt to make America lily-white again, just like his custom-made, 100% cotton, picked by American slaves, 400 thread count, percale, lightly starched Klan robes.  Non-Christian Trump is, first and foremost, aligned with the sole goal of removing, oppressing, and even exterminating if he can, ALL people of color within these borders to restore it to the great racist, evil bastion it once was. 

I want America to be more tolerant, I want America to be more diplomatic, I would love for my America to be the true melting pot that it was supposedly created to be.  I will forever embrace diversity.  I will fight, resist, and protest any and every effort by this deranged lunatic in chief to make AmeriKKKa more racist again.  When the time comes, I will register as Muslim as an act of conscientious dissent against tyranny and the efforts to go back in time to segregation, Jim Crow, slavery, and the mass genocide of “others” that this country is so damn proud of. 

All that being said, I do find it a bit odd that moderate/progressive/liberal white Americans are more horrified by the thought of Muslims being banned from the country than they are the thought of white cops murdering Black people in cold blood.   For two years, we’ve seen the videotaped evidence of innocent Black men, women, and CHILDREN slaughtered in the streets like animals time and time again and the most moderate/liberal whites could muster up was some luke-warm enthusiasm.   While a few picked up signs and donned BLM t-shirts, more often than not, they deflected, defended, and denied that there could be the slightest possibility that systemic racism was at the core of the hundreds of police killings of African American citizens who were born in this country.   

But I’ll be damned if white people haven’t found their raison d’etre now.  They are shutting down airports and highways, they are boycotting companies, they are united in their #NoBan #NoWall fight.  I just have to ask where was all this empathy and compassion and activism for Black Lives?  I want all those white people who are ready to register as Muslim in defiance of Grand Wizard Trump to register as Black for a day.   I want all those white people to see our lives as worthy to fight for too. 

I’m not at all angry at white people for their enthusiastic defense of the principles that made this country the land of the free.  Their indignation is righteous for sure.  I just wish it extended to the Black citizens who lived here as well.  I just wish they didn’t feel so inclined to dismiss the plight of their Black American brothers and sisters so easily.