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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#MuslimVisasMatter . . . more than Black Lives Apparently

First off, let me be 100% clear.  I know, it’s not up for question or debate, that Trump’s “Muslim ban” is racist, Islamaphobic, xenophobic, fascist, and illegal.  PERIOD!  It is nothing more than his thinly-veiled attempt to make America lily-white again, just like his custom-made, 100% cotton, picked by American slaves, 400 thread count, percale, lightly starched Klan robes.  Non-Christian Trump is, first and foremost, aligned with the sole goal of removing, oppressing, and even exterminating if he can, ALL people of color within these borders to restore it to the great racist, evil bastion it once was. 

I want America to be more tolerant, I want America to be more diplomatic, I would love for my America to be the true melting pot that it was supposedly created to be.  I will forever embrace diversity.  I will fight, resist, and protest any and every effort by this deranged lunatic in chief to make AmeriKKKa more racist again.  When the time comes, I will register as Muslim as an act of conscientious dissent against tyranny and the efforts to go back in time to segregation, Jim Crow, slavery, and the mass genocide of “others” that this country is so damn proud of. 

All that being said, I do find it a bit odd that moderate/progressive/liberal white Americans are more horrified by the thought of Muslims being banned from the country than they are the thought of white cops murdering Black people in cold blood.   For two years, we’ve seen the videotaped evidence of innocent Black men, women, and CHILDREN slaughtered in the streets like animals time and time again and the most moderate/liberal whites could muster up was some luke-warm enthusiasm.   While a few picked up signs and donned BLM t-shirts, more often than not, they deflected, defended, and denied that there could be the slightest possibility that systemic racism was at the core of the hundreds of police killings of African American citizens who were born in this country.   

But I’ll be damned if white people haven’t found their raison d’etre now.  They are shutting down airports and highways, they are boycotting companies, they are united in their #NoBan #NoWall fight.  I just have to ask where was all this empathy and compassion and activism for Black Lives?  I want all those white people who are ready to register as Muslim in defiance of Grand Wizard Trump to register as Black for a day.   I want all those white people to see our lives as worthy to fight for too. 

I’m not at all angry at white people for their enthusiastic defense of the principles that made this country the land of the free.  Their indignation is righteous for sure.  I just wish it extended to the Black citizens who lived here as well.  I just wish they didn’t feel so inclined to dismiss the plight of their Black American brothers and sisters so easily.  

Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Revolution has to be Televised

You will not be motivated to riot in the streets.
You will not want to even get off the couch to look for the remote to change the channel.
The revolution has to be televised or Black people will miss it.
The revolution has to be televised in High Definition with a hip-hop soundtrack or it will be completely missed.

The revolution will be a video game for Wii FitU to get your heart rate going.
The revolution has to be televised
The revolution has to be televised because Black people will never read a newspaper.
The soldiers of the revolution will have intensive combat training with Solange.
The revolution has to star Kevin Hart or Black folks will not have a clue the revolution has begun.
The revolution will be brought to you by that vodka endorsed by Diddy.
The revolution will have to be an awards show or Black folk won't give a damn about it.
The revolution will be a leaked as a sex tape with Kimye.
The revolution has to be televised

The revolution has to be degrading and offensive.
You have to be an Xfinity customer for the revolution because Direct TV doesn't carry it.
Subscribe to Amazon Prime to watch the revolution on your Kindle and Netflix will offer season one.
The revolution?  There's an app for that.
The revolution will have a commercial with a couple of those Real Housewives.
The revolution has to be televised

Don't worry, if you miss the revolution, you can watch it on YouTube.
The Revolution has to be televised because Black people don't want to create social change.
They want to Tivo the revolution and watch it in the comfort of their own home.
The revolution will be released on DVD at Red Box with a coupon code.
The #revolution has to be 140 characters or less.
The revolution has to be televised
The revolution has to be televised

The revolution will be 6 seconds long. Do it for the Vine, ain't gonna do it.
God help the revolution if it is scheduled to air in the same time slot as Scandal.
The revolution will be available On Demand, free with your subscription.
The generals of the revolution will have to say the word nigga a hundred times before anyone listens.
The revolution will have its own Facebook page, follow the revolution on Instagram and Tumblr.
The revolution has gots to be televised
The revolution "be like" barely literate.
Who has time for a revolution?

Download the revolution to your I-phone and listen to on your way to the corporate plantation.
The revolution will be produced and directed by Tyler Perry.
It will star Lil Wayne if he's not in rehab and Rihanna's uniform will be see-through.
The revolution has to be televised

Without television, there will be no revolution
The winner of the revolution will be determined by viewer votes.  Texting rates may apply.
The revolution will be nominated for an Emmy as "Best Comedy of the Year"
The revolution will be a telethon with an 800 number to call in and pledge money.
"Hey, what happened to all that money donated for that Revolution thing?"
The revolution is dead.
The revolution died long ago.
The revolution has to be televised!
The revolution has to be televised!
The revolution has to be televised!

Copyright 2014 Scottie Lowe.  All rights reserved.

This poem was derived from Gil Scott Heron’s poem The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.  For the intellectually curious (HAHAHA, I know, I’m funny, right?) who might want to hear the original here