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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Love Getting Fucked in the Ass

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This track is only for true anal enthusiasts.  It's explicit, it's hardcore, it's extreme.  At almost 6 minutes long, it's the soundtrack that will accompany you right up to your moment of explosion.  Be forewarned that this is only for those individuals who think that backdoor sex should be natural, raw, and primal.  


'Round Midnight said...

Great post. I have to say I love getting my ass fucked by a woman, either by a dildo or strapon. The next thing to try is sharing a double dildo with my woman.

Bernie said...

I'm a gay man who frankly, is not that crazy about being penetrated. I will under certain circumstances with certain people.

But I've always been curious; since women don't have a prostate gland, what does the sensation feel like?

AfroerotiK said...

Oh my god, you have no idea. I have tried to describe the experience but I don't have words that come close. It's like trying to take a deep breath in every pore in your body. I suspect that I have something similar to a prostate in that my g-spot is located to the rear, not in the front like most women. I love a tongue, finger, dildo, and a dick DEEP in my ass. My blog wasn't really about my love of anal sex, it was more a commentary on people's homophobia and ridiculous beliefs that get passed off as truth but people read the title and skimmed the rest.

chris said...

last year me and the woman i was living with had a bad break up. and she went around telling all our friends that she would fuck my ass with a 10" dildo a few times a week. i didn't know what she had done for a few weeks,.. until one of my female friends said to me,.. "i have to ask you something" well after she blurted out "i heard from bill that linda told him that you would ask her to stick a 10" dildo in your ass and fuck you,.. hahaha is that true?"... well after the initial wave of embare,ass,ment. lol i said with as much as a matter of fact as i could yes but its only 8" lol...well now all my friends know and you know what,.. its a good feeling. I LOVE TO BE ASS FUCKED!!! .. and no i am not gay, lol thanks for being here.. chris

Jethro Scott Delacroix said...

I like what you said about opening up the chakras. I can't say for sure if anal sex is a spiritual experience for me, but it's so pleasurable that's got to count for something.