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Friday, November 10, 2006

Black Domme Training 101

The following is an instructional guide created with the sole purpose of training Black women how to control pathetic white bois. Submissive white bois only serve one function in life and that is to fulfill whatever twisted, perverted, kinky, disgusting desire that Black women possess. The Black woman is the center of the universe and all should bow to her beauty and majesty. There is none more exquisite or deserving of adoration. Submissive white bois are the most reprehensible creatures to walk the face of the planet and deserve to be treated with little or no regard. They are a useless waste of air that are best used to clean up the well used pussies of Black women after they have been fucked by real men, to suck the enormous pricks of Black men to show their inferior status and even to consume the waste of Black women. It should be noted that white men love being treated like that because they are so sick and twisted that they get pleasure from the most heinous acts. Please, don’t be afraid to think of innovative and degrading ways to treat your white boy. Creativity is the sign of a good mistress.

Normally, eating a black woman’s pussy is an honor and privilege that most white men should not be able to earn unless they are cleaning out the cum of a real man. In rare instances, when a black domme is in need of satisfaction and a real man isn’t available, she can use the services of a white boi to pleasure her. It is entirely up to her discretion. It is a good idea to use a tens unit to administer pain to the tiny genitals of the white sub. Don’t be afraid of damaging their little cocks. The white cock is the most disgusting thing in the universe and extra caution should be used to make sure that it is abused as much as possible and rarely allowed the pleasure of orgasm.

White cunts like to be on display as well, shown off so that people can see the depths of perversion that they will enjoy. Invite your friends to use his boypussy with their strapons and you will have a submissive white boy that will seek to please you that much more. Make sure that he doesn’t embarrass you in front of your friends and he should offer his potty mouth to them to drink their golden nectar. Provide enormous strapons for your friends to wear to punish him and be sure and tell them that it doesn’t matter if they rip his asshole and make it hurt. In fact, they should be instructed to try to ruin his hole when they can although it will be extremely difficult to do given the slutty nature of the white male. 

Don’t let them fool you that they don’t want to suck black cocks either. That pretense usually flies out the window any time they have a thick hard black cock in their face. They are cum sluts of the highest order and it’s only the cum of a black man that can fill their desires. They will suck that dick like a two dollar whore, jerking off their inferior cocks the entire time. The only thing they will want more is to have that slab of monster meat in their slack holes to be rammed and fucked like sissy faggot bitches. It’s a good idea to get him in the habit of cleaning up any black cock that’s been up his ass as well so that he can know his role as white man is to fully serve the superior black race in whatever way they see fit. Eventually, the slut will be so horny for black cocks, he will become a gangbang whore and you’ll have difficulty getting enough cocks to fill his insatiable hole. White boys should be discarded when they get to that point, left to find their own ways to satisfy their sick desires. They should only be kept around if they can provide financial tributes that elevate the black woman to her true place of royalty.

In conclusion, I want all black women to remember that it is ultimately their pleasure that is the most important thing and that white boys should be used in any way they can. The world will be a better place once Black women realize the true power that exists between their legs and they learn to harness that power to reduce white men to their true place of submission.


Anonymous said...

The truth has been spoken and accepted. As a whiteboy I understand and accept the fact that we possess a need to serve the black race in whichever way that they see fit. I have never sucked a dick before but I do know I should. A black one would be the only kind though. I just feel like if a black man were to order me to do this, especially after it had been inside a white pussy, that this would be a truely satisfying ordeal to have given the black man his sexual release with no effort on his part and he has given me a load of his power along with the experience of knowing the exact feeling a white pussy feels when he buries that black dick balls deep and unloads his power deep inside it.

Speaking about serving the Black Women is also true as I would strive to serve a black couple and do what they would require of me to gain their approval and satisfaction. I think it is highly erotic to see a white female naked serving a fully clothed black female. Also very erotic is the sight of a WF down licking the clit of a Black woman while she tells the whitegirl: I won't eat your pussy but I will let you eat mine.

nobody said...

Black Domme Training
I agree to your instructional guide of training Black Women how to control pathetic white boys.

Grown up in white sociaty, I still felt the arrogance and the pejudice of the white race about Black People being inferior to whites. I know it´s wrong and not the truth. Black People are supirior to white people in many ways and white people should suffer for there pejudice and the arrogant and the unreasonable treatment of Black People for a long perod.

Therefore submissive white should be treated and humiliated as servants and slaves by Black Dommes. They have to learn that it is there duty to fully serve the supirior black race and especialy every Black Woman is supiror to him. If not having different orders, white slaves have to be on there knees in the present of black people.

They should whoreship Black Woman there knees, feeling the honour to kiss the feet of Black Dommes and her friends, even in public. It´s a privelige for white slaves to clean the asshole of his black queen with his tonge and being used as a seat by black Woman either they use him as a chair sitting on his back or they prefer sitting directly on his face.

White slaves have to serve and to obey Black Dommes, even if they have to clean up the well used pussies of Black Women after they have been fucked by real men or they have to offer there potty mouth to drink their golden nectar of a Black Woman.

For knowing there place white slaves should be humiliated and and regular whipped and caned by Black Dommes. If he is caned a white slave should feel all the anger of the Black Domme because of the former treatment of the supirior black race by arrogant white sluts. This arrogance should be whipped out with no hesitation, till the white slave becomes really humble and thanks on his knees for the honour of being whipped and caned .

LOL said...

lol, only americans. where i come from, fuckin coons like you get put in there place. why the fuck would i want to even go near a stinkin nigger, with your hairy, sweaty arm pits, you dirty fuckin animals. come to england and tell us 'whitebois' that lol, youll get stabbed in the face you little fat black peice of shit bitch.

Marie said...

As a Black Dominatrix this is the stupidest shit I have ever read! NO REAL DOMME would EVER allow a lowly slave to sexually touch her.


AfroerotiK said...

Careful sweetie, your insecurity is showing.

carmin benatar said...

Dear Goddess AfroerotiK,

i have been a big fan of yours for years, and have heard two or three of your recordings, and i have to say, you view of white men has become my driving force, to find that glorious Queen i can dedicate my existence to, who will turn me into a complete slave for black men....
your audio has helped this hetero white dom transition to a BBC lover.... thank you.... carmin

Classiah Brown said...

Can anybody explain how to get started as a domme. Did any of you enrol into any training programmes?? I have heard that new practitioners know too little about how to use equipment on their clients which is horrendous.

As a curious new starter, can anyone tell me how to go about starting up as a black dominatrix.