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Friday, September 04, 2020

Scottie's Theory of (De)Evolution

For a little over a year and a half I have been getting flashes of spiritual insights. I didn't put too much into them because I said, "I'm no one special so I can't tell anyone these things because no one will believe me. Everyone will think I'm crazy." Well, after watching hundreds of hours of gnostic and metaphysical programming, I'm convinced my insights are just as valid, if not moreso, than any of those white people, so I'm going to speak my truth to power.

The basis of everything we know to be true in life is not only wrong, but it's intentionally wrong with the intent to brainwash the masses to believe in the fallacy of white suprmacy.

The general timeline of civilization that we have accepted as truth pretty much goes like this: dinosaurs, cavemen, hunter/gatherers, dark ages, Renaissance, industrial revolution, modern day. Everything in history has to coincide with that timeline or the whole idea of Greek and Roman scholars being the smartest people on the planet falls apart. The pyramids of Egypt can't be older than 5000 years old because that would mean the timeline of Earth's evolution was centered in Black African Egypt, and we can't have anyone thinking that, right?

Well, here's my truth.

Human beings absolutely did not evolve from apes, we did not emerge from caves to discover fire only to evolve so that the contemporary human is the smartest version of human being in history. Nope. Wrong. We are, in fact, the least technologically advanced, the least enlighted manifestation of human beings that have existed on the planet. Everything we know is based on 1st and 2nd Chakra vibrations, sex,greed,power, survival, competition, etc. LOVE is the reason we ate here. We are her to love. Give, love, receive love, to be loved, to reflect love in everything we say, think, and do. We have no concept of our true power as humans. We are only operating at a tiny fraction of our potential.

Pyramids are not tombs, they are power plants, electrical/ spiritual stations. There are pyramids all over the planet. Pyramids were built to be centers of enlightenment around the globe. They were not built by hand, as we would do it today with machines and computers, but they were built with mental and spiritual power. They have survived the destruction of the planet many, many times. Great floods, ice ages, war, the planet being hit by celestial bofies; Earth has started over many times. Pyramids serve as historical universities. Hieroglyphs tell spiritual truths we don't yet comprehend. Human beings were smarter, more technologically advanced than we are today. We used all of our brains.. We could time travel, Astral project, we could build shit with our minds. Atlantis was one of many civilizations that perished when human beings ( and other dimensional beings ) let their greed and lower vibrational energy get out of control.

The Earth has destroyed itself and started over many times. Life, what we recognize as human beings, began in Black Africa, how many 10s of thousands or 100s of thousands or even millions, billions, or trillions of years ago I've yet to discover. Carbon dating has been fudged for decades to make everything fit the white suprmacy narrative. We did not evolve from apes but rather we were the creation of a higher consciousness, the God source. Human beings were omniscient, we cognitively and inherently knew everything about nature, the sciences, medicine, technology, mathematics, and astronomy, far more than we even comprehend now. We lived in harmony with the earth. Rules about morality, sex, sexuality, gender, etc did not exist. Money and capitalism didn't exist. No, prostitution was not the oldest profession. In fact, the world map looked entirely different than it does now.

Women were not created to be the hand maidens of men. In fact, for a long time, only women existed. Women didn't need men to reproduce. (I know. Sounds crazy! I get it.) And we not only exist here, we exist simultaneously in other dimensions. The past and present are illusions. We are not physical at all. Within each cell in our bodies, within evey atom, exists the entire INFINITE Universe. We are tiny atoms in the consciousness of the Universe. Our true identity is the ONE, We are all from the same source, the same mother - nature.

People of color were not, and are not inferior to Caucasians. Caucasians were created out of some sort of . . . I almost want to say an experiment. It was some sort of genetic manipulation that created white people but I can't really tell you by whom or why or even how right now. I'm still getting pictures and information and a lot of it doesn't have words, just feelings. Anyway, white men were intimidated by The Moors, by Africans in KMT (what we call Egypt today), and by anyone of color around the globe. White men STOLE the ancient teachings from around the globe and what they didn't destroy, they housed in the archives at The Vatican. White men had to conquer the planet and control everyone in it in order to feel good about themselves. White people are the lowest vibrational beings on the planet currently. They have never been superior. Our entire perceived reality is a manifestation of white people's insecurities, greed, and low vibrational frequency.

White people then convinced all of Europe and then the world that they were the authors of and creators of . . . everything under the sun. White people created a religion that made women inferor, that made white men Godlike. The created the rules and definitions of masculinity and femininity. They made up gender rules to keep women oppressed because white men were so immature and insecure. They saw Black men's bigger dicks and they freaked the fuck out. They knew their wives would never want their little dicks so they made sex a sin. They told people that sex was wrong and bad and that a man had to own a woman before God would approve. They made homosexuslity wrong because anal sex was a pathway to transcendence and enlightenment. They made Africans, Indians and all people of color whom they stole all their knowledge from, appear to be inferior. Meanwhile, indigenous people around the planet knew how to use plants as medicine, we had no shame about sex, we didn't have rigid gender roles, we lived in harmony with nature, we vould navigate the stars, we understood the vibrational, energetic frequency of the Universe.

White people had help pulling this all off. Higher dimensional beings told them how the subconscious mind worked and what exactly they would have to do in order to take control of the planet. Why? I hate to say it but it's an experiment, almost like a video game the The Universe is playing. It's not a malicious game, it's intent is not to oppress anyone particular race because we are all voluntary players in the game. We are merely actors in roles in a gigantic virtual reality game. It's like the creator said, " I wonder what would happen if we let this Caucasian mutation dictate reality? For the Universe, the few thousands of years that white men have been pretending to be superior is only a fraction, a blip in the time space continuum.

Today, there are most assuredly, secret societies and families ruling the world without being seen, pulling strings behind the curtain. They are quite convinced they are going to gain global/financial domination of the world, they have metaphysical tools at their disposal we don't know about. Their time is ending now.

Love is going to win. Cooperative economics is going to win. The fallacy of white supremacy is going to lose. Greed, patriotism, patriarchy, misogyny, racism, xenophobia . . . it's all being destroyed. Within 30 years, we will be a new planet. We will be more spiritual, more connected, more advanced. Once we rid ourselves of the false beliefs white people instilled in us for millennia we will create a world of true equality, peace, harmony, and LOVE.

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