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Thursday, December 06, 2018

A Big Nothing Burger with Russian Dressing and a Side of Traitor Tots

Let's examine the facts from the perspective that Trump didn't just accidentally stumble into collusion with Putin based on the Trump Moscow deal; It is my supposition that Putin CHOSE Trump to install and he courted and approached Trump and offered to get him elected as POTUS.  We know that Putin's objective was to disrupt American democracy.  The question is, the glaring question is, if Putin wanted to install Trump as president, if his plan all along was to help someone who was enough of a dullard and egotistical enough to be flattered into doing his bidding inside the Oval Office, why wouldn't Putin manipulate the votes in order to get Trump in office?. Is it because he was afraid of what would happen to him if he did, that he would get in trouble with the CIA, that they would slap him on the wrist?  Is it because he respected our democratic process too much to alter the votes?  Perhaps he trusted that fake Twitter profiles were enough to convince the American public to vote for Trump. That's the question that everyone, it seems, refuses to even give voice to.  It's not as if the voting machines are impenetrable. The NY Times has reported that there are lots of voting machines that can have the software hacked.  Putin obviously knows that but the assumption is he didn't hack them because . . . he wanted every citizen to have their vote counted?  Putin is not beyond manipulating votes in his own country.  Why the hell wouldn't he manipulate votes in ours?  
If Putin's plan was to install a president whom he could manipulate, if he has the alleged pee pee tape or some other compromising sexual dirt on Trump, if he simply saw Trump as a starry-eyed sycophant whose greed could be manipulated and he approached Trump as said he could get him elected with the help of a hacking/internet/fake news campaign, then the next and obvious question is why wouldn't Putin manipulate the vote totals?  If Putin's plan is to disrupt American democracy and his very first tactic isn't changing the vote totals, he's not very good at hacking elections.  It's seems impossible to me, inconceivable to me that Putin wanted to hack the American election and his entire plan consisted of creating fake Facebook/Twitter profiles to post fake Tweets and hacking John Podesta's emails for a risotto recipe.  I've never stolen an election before but if I were to decide to become an Atlanta dictator and autocrat who wanted to install my granddaughter as president of her 5th grade class,  I wouldn't rely on a few glittery posters and some cupcakes to influence the outcome. The very first thing I would plan to do is stuff the ballot boxes.  I can't believe that Putin's plan was to just cross his fingers and hope that the inane emails found in the DNC hack would convince the majority of American people to vote for the the village idiot.  
Now, let's take a look at the facts that we know for sure from the perspective that the Russian scandal is based on Trump being selected as the perfect malleable candidate, not that he decided to run for President and Putin saw an opportunity to manipulate him when he was approached by Cohen or Don, Jr about the Trump Moscow  deal.  Let's suppose for a minute that Putin approached Trump and said, "Hey, I am looking to make a lot of money and I have a plan and I need you and only you to pull it off."  Trump starts salivating and says he is in on the deal.  They set out to have Trump run for POTUS and surprise, surprise, he wins primary after primary.  We know that Trump is guilty of whatever he accuses others of doing.  Right before the election, he started suggesting that he had no faith that the votes were going to be legitimate and that the results were going to be manipulated, that there was going to be voter fraud.  Don't you think that's because he knew Putin was going to have his hackers manipulate the totals for him?   Isn't that classic Trump, accuse others of doing what he is doing himself? 
If he was Putin's puppet, that explains the people with whom he decided to align himself .  If you look at his actions from the perspective that Putin was his boss all along, everything makes more sense. From his choice of Eric Prince's sister Betsy Devos as Sec. of Education, to Putin's best oil bud Rex Tillerson as SoS. It explains Jill Stein's presence at the RT dinner, it explains Russian fanboy Carter Page's appointment, and itt explains anyone and everyone who had Russian ties being in Trump's inner circle.  Putin wanted his closest comrades in place to pull off his mission to make billions once the sanctions were lifted. Trump was/is forming an annex office of The Kremlin in Washington DC and he wanted to place Russian friendly associates in place to help him.  It explains why Jared wanted to have a back channel to Russia and felt comfortable saying that he was okay with using their equipment: it's because he and the Trump organization have been cooperating with Russia since day one.  It makes sense why Trump was sooooo willing to ignore the warnings about Flynn.  It explains EVERYTHING.  It explains the Seychelles, the sanctions question from Butina, and even Devon Nunes hiding in the bushes, more importantly it explains every single action Trump has made.  It explains why he has been so Putin friendly every step of the way.  Everything makes sense when you examine things from that perspective.  Wouldn't that also explain who hacked the NRCC?  Trump only understands mob tactics.  Wouldn't it make sense that he asked Putin to get dirt on Republicans with the hopes that they were doing something illicit and scandalous in those emails and he could use that info to blackmail them to take the pressure off of him and the Russian nothingburger as he calls it? Makes a lot sense, no?.  
Finally, if we have learned anything about the current WH, we know that they lie about everything.  The official reason they said they finally fired Flynn was because he lied to Mike Pence.  Mike Pence knows that Trump was illegitimately elected.   I don't know how Pence is connected to Russia but you can be sure he is if he is aligned with Trump.

I realize I'm not the first person to assert this position.  I have not read the Steele Dossier but I'm going to assume that it supposes these things as facts and provides evidence.  I understand all too well that society is invested in avoiding any subject matter that approaches sex and sexuality as anything other a vanilla and benign activity done only by married white heterosexuals on a Saturday night. America is invested in hiding white men's collective depraved sexual behaviors so I get that the media didn't want to give credence to an actual pee pee tape.  I would just like to give a few minutes of contemplation to the concept that Putin created the plan to disrupt American democracy and he chose Trump as his guy because he had dirt on him and that the votes were manipulated.  
I have little doubt that whomever is pulling the strings behind he scenes is operating under the assumption that they don't want to reveal that our democracy was infiltrated to the extent that vote totals were changed.  The American people not only deserve the truth about our election process and it's vulnerability, however, but also it's imperative that the status quo can't be maintained in order to protect the crimes of traitors and the egos of racist, xenophobic Trump supporters.  
I'm a woman of color in this country and every day I see policies being made and people being installed who are going to erode the rights of individuals who look like me.   The questions I am imploring you to ask yourself are, what if Trump truly is a Manchurian candidate and, most importantly, why wouldn't Putin direct his hackers to manipulate the vote totals

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