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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You Will Pay

I'm a psychological Domme and I am quite exceptional at it. I employ the most extreme emotional, psychological, and mental torture possible. I'm not against using pain to inflict "punishment" but at this stage in my evolution as a Domme I'd much prefer to use money as part of my repertoire to break white men as white men are so fucking tied to their net worth as part of their identity and self-worth. Of course, money is not the only tool in my arsenal of weapons but it has moved up on my list in large part due to the recent current events that illustrate perfectly how economic disparity, not racial inferiority, has created a ghetto class of people that far too many white men feels is indication of their disposable lives.
I'm not a financial Domme, I don't request tributes from random subs; I'm not looking for someone to pay my bills or buy me a purse. I'm not a Pro Domme. I'm not going to do what a white man tells me to do simply because he has paid me. I am, however, the descendent of slaves who labored for centuries for white people while they immorally profited. I'm the great-grandchild of a beautiful, strong, brilliant Black man who worked as a sharecropper and who was cheated by a land owner and made millions while my great-grandfather lived in poverty. I'm painfully aware of white men's privilege, arrogance, condescension, and mental instability and I'm willing to exploit them in multiple ways, not the least of which is monetarily.

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