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Monday, April 20, 2009

Interracial Domination Broken Down in Black and White

It seems that all my work, all my efforts, all my time and energy trying to educate and enlighten white people is nothing but a waste of time. All the time that I take to construct stories where people of color are shown as multi-dimensional, complex, well-rounded HUMAN BEINGS is futile if all white people get is that I’m promoting some sort of Black sexual superiority. Time and time again, white people write me and compare my work to the most outrageous, degrading, stereotypical, offensive interracial websites imaginable and, not surprisingly, get offended and arrogant when I point that fact out. I do NOT use the N word in any of my stories. I do not think it’s flattering, a compliment, or the meaning of the word has changed. I will not tolerate any white person (or Black person for that matter) using the word with me or suggesting that they know better than I what the real meaning of the word is. Black people in my stories are masterful in every sense of the word but not merely because they have Black skin but because they are intellectually, mentally, spiritually, psychologically, culturally, and emotionally more evolved. I’ve never implied that ALL Black people possess such characteristics (oh, but I long for the day we do) only the characters in my stories.

I don’t even write about the concept of Black supremacy, intellectually or erotically. I believe that Africans were, prior to our enslavement, UNQUESTIONABLY, ethically and morally, more evolved than white people. It’s a point that can’t even be argued. Any race of people that would slaughter, kidnap, brand, torture, and enslave another race of people simple because of their skin tone is clearly morally bankrupt. As to the lame arguments that Africans enslaved other Africans, and it was Africans who sold their brothers into slavery, those distortions and lies are the fairy tales of white people who refuse to accept responsibility, accountability, or blame for the actions of their warped ancestors.

Slavery in African wasn’t race based. It was also not inhumane. If and when Africans engaged in war with another community, the resulting slavery was not that of chattle slavery where individuals lost their rights as human beings. They could retain their names, their families would stay in tact, they could marry and practice their own religions, they were not treated as objects. Clearly they were not ridiculed for their hair, facial features, or bodies because they possessed the exact same physical characteristics of their captors. Africans who had engaged in the trade of human beings with Europeans could have no earthly idea that they were participating in the dehumanization of their brothers and sisters. White people perpetuate that falsehood because they want to appear innocent in their transgressions. It would be akin to a recruiter today getting commission to recruit people to work overseas during this bad economy only to find out that they were essentially selling people into unspeakable conditions. Once Africans on the continent learned of the hellish, nightmarish, disgusting fates that befell their sisters and brothers, they rebelled, and were often captured and enslaved themselves. I’ve said time and time again however that our greatness as a people and race has been diminished and stifled by slavery and that if we are ever to return to our greatness as a people, that it will take nothing short of a miracle to erase the centuries of brainwashing that we have endured. Even then, if and when we assume our true role in the universe, our skills, talents, and abilities should be celebrated as different, not superior.

I have never written about the concept of “getting back” at white people for slavery. It can’t be done. To enslave white people and inflict similar punishment on them is probably the most vile and horrific concept I’ve ever heard of. To assume the role of our oppressor is not to exact revenge for the millions of men, women, and children whose lives were destroyed by slavery, racism, discrimination, oppression, and bigotry. We can not claim superiority and then act as lowly, evil, and immoral as white people. There is no tit for tat, not quid pro quo, no act or acts that can be done to restore the world to the way it was supposed to be had Africans not been enslaved. I DO however write about white people experiencing what it is to be a slave. White people want to sanitize the experience, to make slavery into some Dixieland/Mark Twain fantasy where “it wasn’t so bad” for slaves and I allow them with my work to see exactly what Africans who were enslaved felt. I work diligently to dismantle the delusion that white people have that their sexual servitude is in any way akin to that of the slavery that my ancestors endured that was far from a sexual fetish. That’s VASTLY different than saying that I’m getting back at white people for slavery. Again, it can’t be done.

It seems I have to spell out the lessons to be learned by white people in each of my interracial domination stories.

1. Black Beat: Tracy was a Black woman in a relationship with a white man. They were a couple, a loving couple in fact. Rick desired extreme racial domination with more extreme and cruel punishments. Tracy wasn’t capable of it because she wasn’t secure in her own sense of self as a Black woman. She’d been conditioned by society to see white men as superior so she could barely do more than a light spanking or playful slaps to her partner. It wasn’t until she met Mistress Khadijah (meaning premature daughter) that she became empowered enough to explore her mate’s more masochistic desires.

2. Black Maled (Or Blackmailed on some sites): Ron and Tricia were arrogant, oblivious, perverse, and they objectified Black sexuality. They only saw Black people as objects to satisfy their racist desires. They had no human consideration for Black people other than fodder for their submissive sexual fantasies. Kamal (meaning perfection) was bright, intelligent, articulate, well-read, culturally identified, and wanted nothing to do with playing the Mandingo buck. (For the real definition of Mandingo ) He used Ron and Tricia’s perverse lust for him to his advantage and was able to secure a position at work he rightfully deserved.

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: It seems apparent to me that the story describes a celebration of Black women who were the victims of institutional racism from insurance companies. The policies of many companies and the people who administer those policies carry with them a great many biases and prejudices. This story was an attempt to show that the kink community could acknowledge that discrimination and contribute to the betterment of Black women while having fun at the same time.
4. Dominant Black Tales and Submissive White Tails: My most popular story and certainly the longest. This story chronicles the evolution of a white man who goes from online fantasies to real time experience and how he tries desperately to hold on to the fallacy of white supremacy every step of the way. Desiree and Derrick are more intelligent, more attractive, and more in tune with their sexuality than Bryan and Becky. The powerful couple masterfully orchestrate and manipulate the white couple. They are superior in that they are more sophisticated, more adept at psycho-sexual torture. They are clearly more than lust-driven ghetto dwellers. Their characters drive the plot; they don’t just act as fillers for white lustful fantasies.

5. Goddess Initiation: This has to be one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written. It’s a story about a secret society of Black people who are trying to restore African ceremonies, traditions, and rituals to their spiritual and cultural practices. They place the woman as Goddess and the men are not inferior, they are protectors and guides. The sole white man in this story is merely there to observe their ritual. He acts as an object in this story, a receptacle for the sperm of the 15 men (or was it 20, I forget). It doesn’t even matter. It shows how Black people can take something like a gangbang that white people would partake in as vulgar and crass and transform it into something spiritual and holy like a Goddess Initiation.

6. Hotel Bonaventure: Steven, the white character, never gets what he wants in this story. Theresa and Carl skillfully play him, making him orally satisfy Carl while not being allowed to touch or taste Theresa. Again, it seems obvious to me that Steven is not made to suck Carl’s dick because it is humiliating and degrading, but its an honor. Steven is the one driven by his lusts, his compulsions, not the Black couple.

7. Jungle Fever: I’ve written extensively already about the social issues of this story. It’s not truly a tale of domination but rather it’s the story of how white people’s racism and obliviousness drive them to act out sexually and it also details exactly how Black men can get sucked up in the hysteria of believing that white women are better and that they are sexual studs simply because of the color of their skin.

8. Neighborly Hospitality: It’s not really a story of domination but it explores the cuckold fetish. Syreeta and Dixon were two highly successful, sexually aware individuals who happened to be Black and who happened to move in next door to a sexually dysfunctional couple, Lisa and Brad. Because Lisa and Brad didn’t talk about their fantasies with each other, because they weren’t open and honest with each other about their sexual issues, it was easy for Dixon and Syreeta to use those things to their advantage. The typical cuckold story doesn’t include a Black woman. This story is woven around the Black woman and her approval and orchestration of the events. The typical cuckold story doesn’t show the lives and backgrounds of the Black man, this story shows Dixon to be an epicure, a jazz lover, a cultural powerhouse, and a LOVING partner to his mate.

9. Plantation Lullabies. This was originally supposed to be a 1250 word story written for a client. It ended up almost 7000 words and what I consider to be one of the most powerful pieces I’ve ever written. The words poured through me and I was awed by how they were being transcribed at my fingertips. It is about replicating the true slave experience, just as the fake website indicates. It’s not about getting back at whitey for slavery. It’s not about proclaiming Black supremacy. Just as the concentration camps at Auschwitz today allow people to see what it was to be a Jew in Nazi Germany, the fictitious plantation on Dewees Island in South Carolina ( )was created to allow white people to see and experience what it was like to be an African who was enslaved. It is a living museum; it is a classroom like none other. At no point does Mistress Emmanuel ever say she is getting back at white people for slavery. She is breaking white men of the notion that slavery is something voluntary, she is divesting them of the false and offensive concept that sexual slavery is in any way comparable to what real slaves had to endure.

10. The Making of a White Sissy Slut: If there was ever a story written to illustrate how a Black woman can use and discard a white man like a piece of trash, this is it. White people assume that because I write stories to show Black people in a positive light, that automatically assumes that I have some responsibility to show white people in a positive light as well. My job is to hold white people up to the mirror of racism and make them see their ugly reflections. My job is to show white people that Black people are more than just one-dimensional savages. If this story were written about two white people, the Female Dominatrix would be considered the quintessential Domme. Black women are allowed to be sexually dominant without that being ALL they are allowed to be. We can enjoy our power as women, as Black women, and enjoy D/s kink as much as any other woman without that being our sole identity. We can be masterful and sadistic in the bedroom and be vulnerable, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate, and very humanly flawed outside the bedroom.

11. Black Daddy Domination: I’m not even sure it’s worth identify the glaring social issues of this story because white people aren’t going to get it even if I do. All they will read is the white man worshipping the superior black cock.

I don’t see the reason for even writing interracial domination stories anymore if white people can’t grasp the social commentary that seems blatantly and painfully obvious.

Copyright 2009 AfroerotiK


Lee said...

Thank you for this invaluable tool to help guide readers like me so we can experince the fullness of your work.

The eroticism in your stories is executed at such a high level that often the deeper implications of the stories are lost on me.

When I read much of your work, I'm aware there is a lot more going on than I am able to grasp. however I find myself getting so quickly aroused that my ability to read the story on the many levels you intend disappears.

I like very much the phrase "more evolved," you employ when discussing Black people, rather than superior.

While all these interracial stories are hot, I very much appreciate your stories that explore the depths of lovemaking between Black people. (Notice I started capitalizing the B in Black.)

Of these listed, though I havent read them all, I like Hotel Boneventure the best.

Lee said...

I was wondering if you had any thoughts about the new movie called Obssessed, stariing Beyonce and Idris Elba. The story is an old one, done over and over in hollywood, but the twist is racial. It's about a white woman stalking a married black man. Not something D.W. Griffith would have directed. I read a few reviews and npo one addressed the one possibly interesting thing about this movie, the racial dynamic.

Do you think this movie would have ever been made before President Obama?

This doesn't have much to do with the topic but I was wondering about your analysis. my email is

Lee said...

Obsessed was No. 1 movie, making nearly 3x the amount of the No. 2 movie. Interesting. A lot probably had to do w/ Beyonce. But is this an indication the whites are more accepting of the public depiction of a white woman's unbridled lust for a black man?

Wonder what were the internal reactins of white men and black women to this movie?

Adrian said...

I am inspired by your view...
I admire your vision.
I have not read your stories yet but what I just read right now is really amazing.

Thank you for sharing.


DiehardPressingOn said...

My approach to most things in life has become extremely cerebral - without the loss of too much spontaneity and adventure.

Your work amazes me because a lot of it seems to be my thoughts as captured by your talent. How do you do that ; )

Perhaps revealing too much of myself may cause a degree of "sharing remorse" I'll push forward and share that I'm white - and many years ago I had a reading done of my past lives. One of which was an African Woman living many years ago.

Startling to say the least, but certainly an amazing revelation and explanation as to why the multi-cultural relationships I have are the most rewarding and cherished.
Humbly - thank you.

John B said...

I've read many of your stories over the years, with no thoughts of anything but erotic stimulation. I'm sorry that the mainstream doesn't get it. It's a shame really. That they don't understand that the biggest sexual organ any of us have is our brain. And the myriad of events in our lives that shaped our lives, also helped to develop our sexuality. I'm a white male that had an overbearing and racist father. Combined with a few events in my life, I don't believe it's surprising that I have become sexually submissive in nature. Because of his oppression of me, I never learned or experienced what it was to be an alpha male. I've always been a follower. And because of his racism, and my nature submission I have developed a desire for black domination. I know that white males can be alpha, just like some white men have large penis'. And not all black men are alphas and some black men are on the smaller side of the cock scale. For me that particular sexual preference, the desire to be dominated by black is a rebellion against a dead father. I do not consider myself gay at all. I'm missing the one component that makes a person gay. I'm just not attracted to men. I love women. Everything about them. Why do I mention that, because as part of my desire for degradation and humiliation at the hands of black men mostly, but also black women, I want to be put in situations where I am emasculated. I desire to be proven to be less than a man. That turns me on. Does it mean I'm not a man outside the bedroom or in public. Of course not. The point is, this is eroticism. It's what turns us on. Why do they have to take a well written essay with wonderful and complete characters and try to break it down into something it was never intended to be? Personally I think it's an attempt by some to fuel racial animus. I wish it could get beyond that point. But some people do make their living with the race debate. Does there need to be discussion, absolutely. Have we make progress, yep. Are we through, no way. But there are factions who are only looking to be offended, so they can rail against whomever. I just wish they'd keep it to the areas that might do us some good. And keep it out of my erotica.
I'll get off my soapbox now. And please keep up your outstanding work.
Thank you.